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What to do this Summer if you didn’t get an Internship

As Spring semester comes to a close, summer is fast approaching—and here you are: internship-less. Maybe you applied for every position but didn’t snag an offer, or perhaps you let the application due dates slip through your fingers. Regardless of the reason, you are now presented with an unprecedented stretch of time for you to pursue your interests. With such freedom comes a cost; it can be overwhelming to try and decide what to do with yourself when leaving the hyper regimented schedule of classes. Feeling lost? Here are some ideas to help ease that tension and push you towards your summer intentions.

Give back through Volunteering
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When looking to dedicate yourself to a cause there is no better way to find purpose than in the service of others. Searching through your local city’s volunteer opportunities provides a great way for you to connect with your community and foster friendships with others. Alternatively, there are many ways to volunteer your time from home, through online services. Volunteering your efforts towards an organization that you align with will help foster personal growth, and simultaneously build up your resume.

Take on a Creative Project

If you are seeking a creative outlet, summer provides a great opportunity to begin a new project or pick up where you left off on an old one. The change in season often provides new perspectives, especially so if you are relocating for the summer. You can use this change in pace to pursue a creative endeavor with fresh vigor—whether that be painting, dancing, singing, or film directing. This can be as casual or formal as you would like; one could even consider creating a TikTok account as a creative project. Find something playful to funnel your energy into this summer to spark new creativity.

Learn a Skill Set

If you were looking for an internship to provide you with learning opportunities, there are still ways that you can build upon your skills over the summer. Many softwares and programs will provide classes with certifications for you to complete if you choose, or you can always teach yourself a new skill set through research and practice. Although this will take a considerable time commitment, you will thank yourself later for your efforts; think of it as preparation for your internship applications for next summer—whether you learn coding, a new language, or even become a barista.

Explore and Travel

With proper safety precautions, traveling can provide cultural insight and create unique experiences for you this summer. Travelling can seem daunting at first, especially for those who are less experienced; however, don’t let this deter you from exploring. A journey as simple as driving one town over to an area you’ve never visited can be refreshing. You can travel alone or travel with others—each offers a unique perspective on the places you visit. When exploring you may want to record your observations in a journal or take pictures along the way to document your findings. These experiences will eventually become memories you’ll cherish forever.

Rest and Reconnect

After months of forging ahead through classwork, you may find it difficult to be “productive” in a traditional manner. This is okay; it is possible to accept your natural inclinations for resting while leaning into the work that you do feel capable of. Spending time out in nature, being with your loved ones, or engaging in activities you enjoy will replenish your energy and help you return to your studies much healthier. Know that the time you take for yourself is well deserved, and just as meaningful as any other work you set out to perform this summer.

As we continue on to warmer days, I hope you are able to find some sunshine this summer. I wish you luck in all your endeavors and will see you next semester as we return for another amazing school year!

Brianna is an undergraduate student from Boise, Idaho studying modern dance and creative writing. She aims to cultivate creative excellence and promote academia within the arts through her role as a student leader and freelance artist. She is a lover of tea, flowers, breakfast, books, baking, poetry, and animals.
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