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Mouth-Watering Cookies to Bake on National Cookie Day

How many of you have been aimlessly scrolling through Facebook only to see post after post of Tasty videos that make your hunger soar to a new high and stomach scream for food? I can personally attest to the power of those videos because I have reached a point where I go on Facebook only to watch them… My beach bod and current pants size might not like it, but man do those videos make me crave anything and everything delicious.

The time has finally come to try out some of those fantasy recipes you see on Pinterest, Tasty, Food network, or whatever food blog you choose to closely follow (whether you admit it or not). October 1st is National Homemade Cookie Day, an excuse to either make, or eat lots of delicious cookies… What could be better? Personally, this is simply a holiday for my friends to enjoy the cookies I will be making, but taking on the task to bake some delicious cookies is not as hard as it may seem! As easy as it might be to have a friend you can always count on to make desserts – and you definitely should have a friend like that – baking can be so easy and fun; you just have to have the right recipe, tools and mindset. Here are some of the simplest ways to make cookies for such a fun day:

Cake Mix Cookies

It may sound like a weird concept but making cookies out of cake mix is 100% possible, so easy and super delectable. The only required ingredients for cake mix cookies are:

1 boxed cake mix

2 eggs

½ cup of oil

mix in of your choice


No Bake Cookies

If you don’t have an oven accessible, use your oven to store things due to a lack of knowledge on baking and/or cooking, or don’t feel like taking the time to use it, it’s okay! No Bake cookies are as easy as mixing the ingredients and refrigerating the formed cookies until they’re set. Here is my favorite recipe for no bake cookies:


Bit of an over-achiever? Or do you really love putting in the work to celebrate in the name of homemade cookies? There are some very fun and unique versions you can do as a spin off of a classic cookie.

Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies as well as Oreos’ are a crowd favorite and are loved by the majority of individuals, so why not combine them?


Twix Cookies

As easy as it is to buy a Twix candy bar, it could be more rewarding to make a cookie that tastes just like one or maybe even better. In this case you can have a fresh baked cookie while also not be faced with the tough decision of left Twix or right Twix… I know how hard that can be.


Pumpkin Spice Cookies

With the recent start of fall, ’tis the season for your inner basic white girl to come out and embrace the pumpkin spice! These cookies are all you can ask for in a comforting fall dessert and can show that there’s more to you than store bought pumpkin spice cereal, yogurt, the classic Starbucks PSL, and etc.


Whether you intend to bake, eat, or just think about cookies, National Homemade Cookie Day can be a good excuse to put life aside to enjoy the small, tasty desserts we love to mix and bake. Try something new and bake away, collegiettes. Happy National Cookie Day!

Notorious foodie and optimist, hoping to cook for a living and experience a vast cultural variety. Business student, Netflix ethusiast, and avid day dreamer, just trying to make it through college and fulfill my potential. 
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