How I've Gone to the Gym Everyday This Week

I know, going seven days in a row isn’t that impressive, but I’m honestly pretty proud of myself. If you're like me, carving out time for the gym can be hard with a busy schedule, and sometimes it’s just about finding the motivation to. Here’s how I got myself to the gym seven times this past week.

1. I made myself accountable.

I told someone whose opinion I value (for me, my kind-of boss,) that I would go every day last week. She wouldn’t know if I didn’t, but I would have known. Hold yourself accountable.


2. After day three, it wasn’t so bad.

I’m into the next week now and I actually want to go. Endorphins are real. Go workout!


3. I just made myself do it.

It’s always going to be easier to take a study break or read those 100 pages in bed instead of on the treadmill, but you will be glad you went once you’re there. (And once you can see your abs again!)

If you want to start going to the gym consistently, just make a promise to yourself. Because your accountability and integrity probably matters more to you than how many push-ups you can do. (But it definitely is a perk.) Happy running! 

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