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Her Creative Writing: Implicit Plead for Grace

Desperation fills my entire being

As easily as the ocean carries away what is on the shore

I am kidnapped and held hostage by longing

My voice has grown silent from years of screaming

And depression has muzzled my will to live

How many tears are enough to cleanse my view?

If only I could find You, but I am a prisoner of my own fear

Sunlight has not touched my skin in what feels like an eternity

My mind’s windows are sealed, the shutters locked

And I seem to have misplaced the key

I used to see color in Your stained glass

But now my brain only recognizes grey

I lie in my cage, withering away, mouthing Your name

Can You see me? Can You feel the way my breath catches

When I get a mere glimpse of You?

Or maybe my eyes are lying to me

My brain has the habit of making me believe false realities

My heart is filled with what can only be anathema

My lungs are black from inhaling the smoke of blasphemy

And my wrists bleed from all the nights my sanity has abandoned me

Mangled and scarred and empty, but trying so hard to be beautiful

Taking in no more than what is vital has made me weak

And scouring the earth for a drop of Your water has left me

Drowning in an ocean of my own creation, but doing my best to swim

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