Creativity is Key

In college, It's easy to forget to make time to do the creative things that we love. Whether you like drawing, playing an instrument or cooking, we should ALL try to set aside a small amount of time each day to express ourselves creatively.  

Here are some easy ways for YOU to be more creative in your day to day life:

Get a stress relief coloring book

Adult coloring books have been a huge trend the last few years. If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet, you should. There are specific coloring books that have soothing patterns that can help with anxiety and stress. If you take a few minutes to color every day it will help you relax, and will also bring out your inner child!

Be proud of your Instagram


Everyone is on Instagram 24/7, and lots of people try to achieve the perfect "aesthetic". That can be a stressful task. Stop stressing trying to make it look perfect, taking cute pictures and posting them is a fun and easy way to be creative! It is a fast way for people to see your photos, and a fun way for you to document your life. Some people even use their Instagrams as their photography portfolios! You can start implementing your favorite colors in your photos to make them look cohesive. And while it may look hard to achieve a pleasing Instagram aesthetic, you can do it! I believe in you!

Spice up your wardrobe!

Do you still have that cute sweater hanging in your closet from freshman year... or high school? If you do, it's time to clean out your closet. Going through old clothes can be fun because it makes you think of old memories (some good and some bad). Gather up all of the clothes that you don't wear anymore, try to sell them to a thrift store like Uptown Cheapskate, and donate the rest! Once you've conquered that step, it's time to go shopping! Getting new items of clothing can boost your confidence and can help you express your creativity. Getting a cute new scarf or some cute boots is the perfect way to show your personality. It's always good to try new things when it comes to fashion because you are always changing and growing as a person. This is a place where people can really see your creativity come to life!

Doodle, doodle and then doodle


Doodling is the perfect mindless way to be creative. Anyone can do it, there is no right or wrong way. Everyone has their different style of doodling, I'm a flower doodle kind of girl myself. Once you find your style, and what you like to do, you'll find yourself doodling on every paper that you can get your hands on. Try not to let it distract you from class, but if your pen happens to wander off from taking notes... let it.

Deck out your apartment 

For this next one, you are going to want to take a trip to the Target $1, $3 and $5 dollar section. Take time to make some crafts, and buy things to make your space feel cute and like it's "yours". Hang up some fairy lights, get some nice flowers and paint a picture to go on your wall! All of these things will greatly impact the feel of your apartment. I can't wait to see before and after pics! 

Become a master chef

It is said that you should have 5 colors on your plates for every meal. I'll admit I've had my fair share of meals that are primarily one color...but it's good to start thinking about ways to make sure you are eating foods that are good for you. Shopping by color can help you be creative in the meals that you plan to make for yourself. Try to incorporate the colors: Green, Red, Blue/Purple, Yellow/Orange, and White into every meal that you eat. And NO, this does not mean that eating a packet of skittles counts as your dinner. Do some meal prepping on Sunday nights so you don't have to think about food as much during the week. With these ideas, you are sure to eat healthier foods on a day-to-day basis. 

Write your heart out!

Writing is SUCH a good way to express yourself. You can write a poem, a song, or you can write something about your opinions or what interests you in life! You know a great place to work on your writing skills?! Her Campus Utah! Our applications are open for another week! Make sure to apply while you still can. Here is a link to the application:

I hope that after reading this article, you start living your life a little more creatively!