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Between work, classes, and extracurriculars, it can be hard to find the time necessary to make it into the gym. Enter ClassPass. With plenty of exciting class options in hundreds of U.S. cities, ClassPass provides a dynamic alterative to the campus gym. 


What is it?

ClassPass is a subscription service that lets people from various cities try out workout classes in their area. ClassPass users have access to a pack of three, five or ten classes per month that can be used at workout studios in their area. These include more typical classes like kickboxing and spin classes and more niche classes, such as aerial yoga and reformer pilates.

Prices can vary depending on the city, but the typical Salt Lake City package of 3-4 classes is $29 per month, while 5-8 classes per month are $49. It's not the cheapest option out there, as many gym memberships and the Student Life Center offer packages that are lower than ClassPass' membership fees, but you're receiving a pretty hefty price cut on high quality classes from great studios.



How Much Does it Cost?

In Salt Lake City, for example, a typical spin class can cost you upwards of $20 a class. But with ClassPass, you could take 3-4 of those per month for only $29, which is a fraction of the normal cost. The classes are a cheaper alternative than going directly to the studio. This makes it a stellar swap if you're already spending a decent chunk of change on fitness classes at a studio. ClassPass also frequently runs promotions for a free two-week trial, which is a great way to try out all the available features for free. Check out detailed pricing information here.



Is it Worth it?

After using ClassPass for over a year, I realized that while it's not for everyone, it's perfect for people who like the flexibility and variety of being able to build your own workout schedule and have access to dozens of classes every day. ClassPass allows you to test a number of different classes that you might not want to pay full price for or otherwise have the motivation to attend. As a member, you even have access to hundreds of streamed workout classes that are available on-demand and from anywhere. This means you’ll always have access to a wide-variety of workouts from top-notch studios and trainers. If this sounds great to you, ClassPass is the way to go for all you workout needs.




During my yearlong membership to ClassPass, I’ve tried everything from a reformer pilates class to cardio spin, and this variety allowed me to figure out which workouts actually motivated me to keep coming back. I also enjoy the class scenarios better than I do flying solo at the Student Life Center or other local gyms. I like that there's an instructor who guides you through the workouts, corrects your form, and gives you practical tips to improve your experience. In classes, I feel like I work harder and more efficiently than on my own because of the team dynamic. You can also take classes in other cities, which makes it perfect for student who wants to utilize their membership over the summer in a different location. Overall, ClassPass is a great tool to use to get out there, try new classes and never get stuck in a boring gym routine again.

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Cierra is a junior at the University of Utah studying Business and working part-time in tech. She loves to travel, eat, and explore.
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