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The Best Artist of 2019 You’ve Never Heard Of

Everyone’s looking for the next bop, the next “up and coming artist” who will produce and drop some incredible albums, the song that’s going to spark an unmistakable groove within your heart and soul. Well, look no further, because 2019 has brought us the much-needed recognition of Lizzo, the rapper/singer from Minneapolis.

Born in Houston, raised in Detroit, and eventually moving to Minneapolis, Lizzo has been heavily influenced by the incredible music scenes that have surrounded her. Her 2 albums and numerous EPs and singles have earned her the Spotify description of “an indie Missy Elliot.”

2017 brought us the single “Truth Hurts,” a girl-power anthem that brought us lines like “I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% that bitch.” 2019 gave us “Juice,” the single that has led to more and more recognition of Lizzo’s talent, including an article in Rolling Stone and NPR. She started out 2018 going on tour with Haim, and followed up with a fall North American tour as the guest of Florence + the Machine.

Part of what makes Lizzo such a deserving artist is her incredible self-confidence that exudes from her music. Her early 2018 single “Fitness” brought celebration from activists. From her Billboard interview, Lizzo explains, “To have a big black girl singing about how she’s working on the calisthenics – because mind you, I be in the gym everyday, but people don’t believe that because I got extra fat rolls and a big butt – I think that it’s empowering for young girls, to see that it’s okay to work out and not have a six-pack.”

Personally, I cannot get enough of Lizzo. From her Twitter to her incredible discography, to her visually stunning music videos, I know that I will be following this thriving career from now on, along with her 130,124 Spotify followers, and her 1,590,631 Spotify Monthly Listeners. And for the record, she should come do a full show in Salt Lake City.

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Ailish Harris is a Stage Management and Performing Arts Design transfer student at the University of Utah. She's originally from Salt Lake City, UT, but was lucky enough to attend Emerson College in Boston, MA for her first 3 semesters of college. She has written for both Her Campus Emerson and Her Campus Utah, and is the current Editor in Chief for Her Campus Utah! She is a student leader in many capacities, working as the Secretary for Stage Managers at the U and as the Historian for the Department of Theatre's Student Advisory Committee. She loves Halloween, cooking, theatre, documentaries, organization, fashion, her pet hedgehog Chester, true crime, and Her Campus!
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