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6 Signs You’re In a Toxic Friendship

  1. You walk on eggshells around them.

You never seem to know where you stand with them. One day you’re BFF’s and future bridesmaids and the next you’re unsure of why they’re shooting daggers from their eyes towards you across the dance floor at your local frat party.  ​


2. You live drastically different lifestyles.


College is a time of personal and intellectual growth for many but some tend to ride out the beer pong partner glory days for as long as they can. While one is not necessarily better than the other, you seem to never be on the same page with your level of maturity.  


3. They’re frequently manipulative.


You may believe they have never been manipulative towards you but you consistently see them manipulate those around you for their own personal gain. If they manipulate others, then it is likely they are manipulating you without your knowledge.  


4. They like to create competition.


There is such a thing as healthy competition, but that does not mean that it should cross over into your social atmosphere. If you feel that you are in constant competition with their other “best friends” or they are overly competitive with the people important in your life, then you might want to reconsider how mutually healthy your friendship truly is.    


5. Their actions don’t match their words.

You may have talked about things a few separate times and you are really hopeful that they finally understand where you’re coming from. Yet, a few days or weeks later you’re in the same position and you’re being treated differently than other people in their life.    


6. You second guess your worth around them.


The bottom line is that if you feel you’re in an unhealthy friendship then you most likely are. However, this does not mean that your toxic friend is a bad person; they’re just not your person.


Let go of toxic friendships and go find your person bb, because this life is too full of possibilities to be surrounded by people that aren't healthy for you.

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