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5 Ways Your Body Benefits from H2O

It is common knowledge that our bodies are made up of mostly water.  Water is the life source of our planet and all species on it.  It is basically free, yet somehow it is the most underutilized health tool out there!  Here are some important ways that H2O can improve your quality of life, even if it’s just by drinking a few more glasses a day!

1.  Brain Function

Water is imperative to your cognitive function.  If dehydrated, your short-term memory can be impaired (think of how important that is for school work!), as well as causing fatigue and anxiety.  Studies have shown that women show a higher rate of adverse changes in mood when dehydrated, so if you’re having an unexplainably grumpy day try drinking some water! 

2.  Body Function

Our bodies are made up of individual cells that can only function efficiently when they are properly hydrated.  Literally every single body function is dependant on water.  If you are well hydrated your kidneys and bladder will stay clear and detoxified, your digestion will flow smoother, your bowel movements will be regular, your blood circulation will be well maintained, your body temperature will be regulated, and your joint cartilage will stay soft and mobile.  These are all systems in the body that have frequent problems as we age–indigestion, high blood pressure, and joint pain.  There has also been research that links hydration with lower rates of bladder and colon cancer.  While no one is sure what causes different cancers specificallyit can’t hurt to take precautions as simple as drinking more water!

3.  Metabolism

In order to maintain a healthy weight or lose weight, you must keep your metabolism high.  Metabolic function–the breakdown of your food into energy–doesn’t occur efficiently when your cells are dehydrated.  Your body will go into “energy conservation mode” slowing your metabolism down which, inhibits your fat-burning capacity.  Drink a full glass of water before each meal.  This will not only curb your appetite and keep you fuller longer, but it will help your body digest and excrete your food efficiently.

4.  Exercise 

In order to function properly cells must maintain a balance of water and electrolytes.  When cells are dehydrated they shrivel up (see picture above right).  Imagine what your muscles look like on a cellular level when you exercise dehydrated!  You will experience fatigue early on, and because your cells won’t be functioning at an optimal level, your body won’t be burning fat and/or building muscle; you won’t be getting the most out of your hard work! Don’t waste your workout, make it a habit to start and finish each workout with a glass of water.

5.  Skin

I have experienced the worst acne in my 20’s than I ever did in my teens!  I notice when I reach my goal and drink a gallon of water a day, my skin clears right up.  Also, because my body feels well hydrated I sweat more during exercise which, clears out my pores.  Every day your skin is constantly regenerating new cells so, be sure to keep it hydrated to help the process.  We live in Utah, a dry desert ecosystem that causes dry, scaly skin issues.  You can easily alleviate this problem by staying consistently hydrated.  Hydrated skin will appear tighter and more even toned.  Save money on skin care products and just drink water!

If you are having a tough time drinking enough water, check out these natural water enhancers to freshen up your H2O!

Mallory has her B.S. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Utah, and is currently completing medical school pre-requisites. Her love for fitness started with her first dance class at the age of 3, and has taken her on a journey through various sports and activities. Now a competitive amateur boxer & Muay Thai fighter, Mallory loves to push her own limits and inspire others to do the same.
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