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Learning To Instruct an Exercise Class During Quarantine

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While being stuck at home, I was trying to figure out how I would keep my exercise schedule and ward off boredom for as long as possible. I am a complete extrovert and only being able to talk to the same five people every day is sometimes pretty painful.  I decided between my classes and my usual morning mile and a half; I wanted to learn how to instruct an exercise class. During the school year, I had gone to numerous spin classes and hot yoga classes, but I had never done BodyPump. So I decided to give it a shot! 

First, I had to sign up to join the training session. It was a quick and easy sign-up process and then I was emailed what they call as the Release. It is basically a full 45-minute workout that you have to learn and then five days before the zoom training; you take a video of you instructing the class to only just the music and you send it over to the trainer! 

While learning the BodyPump release, I found different ways to memorize it. From writing the routine out to physically do it as one of my workouts for the day! I started to fall in love with the structure and how I was hitting every single body part! Though it is a challenging class, it pushes you mentally and physically! 

I cannot wait to finish memorizing the routine and physically do the orientation! I am super excited to start my journey in the BodyPump world and see where this takes me!

Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels


Hey everyone! Thank you for reading my article! I'm Madison, a sophomore here at URI! I am a kinesiology major on a premed track!
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