12 People You See At The Gym

Have you ever just people watched and noticed the different species of gym goers in their natural habitats?  Whether you're there for a quick cardio class or a killer leg day, some of the creatures you encounter at the gym are bound to give you a headache.  Be on the lookout next time you head to the gym, and see how many you can check off this list!


1.  The girl who doesn’t even work out

Shows up with perfect hair and makeup, and a heavily coordinated outfit. She’s more likely to be doing cardio than caught lifting anything over five pounds. By cardio I mean reading a book or just talking on the phone while on the bike. She probably looks the same leaving the gym as she did entering.


2. The frat-bro

Always wearing his letters, because you gotta represent your brotherhood.  Typically making excessive grunting noises to ensure everyone's attention is on him.


3.  The group fitness enthusiast

The person who signs up for any and every group exercise class possible. Usually seen practicing outside of the room before the instructor even gets there, and thinks she’s bffl’s with everyone in the class.


4.  The girl you hate to admit looks better than you

She has better gym outfits, better sneakers, a better body, and she doesn’t even sweat, she glistens.  She is your Dinkleberg.


5.  The person who doesn't have a clue how to use the machines

You cant help but laugh and feel sorry for these people as they cluelessly walk around the machine like a caveman.  They spend the majority of their gym time trying to figure out how to properly adjust the seat or execute the exercise.


6.  The Johnny Bravo

The guy who thinks he’s all that because he’s got killer pecks and biceps, but fails to accept the importance of leg day.


7.  The Social Mediast:

That one person who camps out on the machine in-between reps to check every single social media outlet before moving on.  Are you aware everyone hates you?


8.  The girls who only go with friends

These girls refuse to go to the gym without a couple of friends or sorority sisters by their side, and never seem to get anything done.  Unless people watching burns calories.


9.  The Kardashian

You all know who I’m talking about here. That one girl who gets dressed up just to go to the mirror in the locker room or by the dumbbells to take selfies.


10.  The Hardo:

This guy won’t go to the gym without his pre-workout, his shaker bottle, or his notebook to log progress.  He’s most likely seen offering fitness advice to someone who didn’t ask for it.


11. The Competitor

The person who watches your speed and races you on the treadmill, or adds 5 pounds to what you just lifted. These people need a sense of superiority and are by far the most irritating of the bunch.


12. The Creep

Your spidy senses aren’t tingling for nothing. You are being watched. This guy or girl just lurks around the gym watching you stretch, lift, or run on the treadmill.