How to Survive this Trimester as Told by Mulan

We’re all gonna die.

You know what I'm talking about: classes only just started two weeks ago, but it feels like months. The classes are only twenty or thirty minutes longer, yet by the time the hour and twenty minutes strike, your body is already begging to leave. Essentially, it feels like two hours of information dumps on our minds and shoulders. We were used to the average class time and more than that set amount of time has us going kind of crazy. Now, while it would be delightful to talk about all the things that are driving us nuts this trimester, I propose a few ways to cheer you up and make this trimester a lot smoother. Hopefully, they’ll help you be this trimester’s worst nightmare!


1. Bring Food

Classes are long and most likely, if your schedule is like mine, most of your classes are in a row. The best advice I can give you, from what I’ve learned so far, is that you have to have a heavy breakfast. Absolutely no exceptions. Do not skip breakfast! This is going to hold you through your first class. After this, you’ll have to rely on snacks and any food that you bring. You need to have enough to last during the rest of your courses. If you’re lucky enough that during your twenty-minute breaks between classes there aren’t that many long lines at your favorite food stops, go and buy some food! However, it’ll be a lot less stressful if you have a stash with you at all times.

It's hard to make the switch from buying food to bringing your own in a lunch box, but it's a lot less stressful to do so.


2. Do Something Fun After Class

When you get out of class, distract yourself. Do not go immediately into your studies. Yes, it’s important to stay on top of things on such a demanding academic term, but if you’re focusing only on your studies, you will burn out. Try to distract your mind by going out with friends. Go to the movies, watch that movie or show on Netflix you’ve been meaning to watch, read a book that isn’t for a class or even play that new game you downloaded and then forgot it was on your phone. Everything in moderation can lead to a happier and more relaxed you.


3. Make Friends

Classes are longer, so more information is discussed. If you miss a class, there’s a bigger chance you’ll fall behind quickly. Make sure to make friends in your classes. Let them know that you will be relying on them whenever you need it and that they can count on you, too! I know at least two people in all of my classes, and in the one class I do not know anybody in, we made a chat where we’ve been helping each other out. In these hard times, stick together!


4. Join a Club

With what free time? I know, I know. This sounds crazy, but hear me out. Don’t let yourself just go to class and then go to work or stay in your home studying, self-pampering or procrastinating. Enjoy some of the great clubs la IUPI has to offer such as Fractal, NAMI, Her Campus, the English Majors Association and more! They’re a great chance to meet other people that are going through the same struggle of a trimester as you are. They’ll help you to destress and rant away, even more.


5. Practice Mindfulness

Most important of all, keep your peace of mind. DCODE stopped by each and every classroom those first days of class because they knew, they knew. The semester will eventually, if it hasn’t yet, fall on you like a pile of bricks. You will wonder why you should even go on with your studies if it’s not getting you anywhere.

With the recently approved tax plan including our University’s system and talks of huelga, it’s reasonable and normal for these thoughts to be had, but don’t let them get out of hand. Reach out and talk to people. DCODE is available whenever you need it, and it doesn’t have to stop there because you can also reach out to a psychologist outside of the campus. Remember you can create an impromptu support group with your friends, as well. More than that, there are also apps that help with meditation, controlling your anxiety, helping you breathe in times of stress and playing calming background noise while you study.



If you have any other tips, don’t hesitate to share them with us! Mulan did not save China to be an inspiration and set a good example of how capable you are of overcoming obstacles just for you to let this trimester win! Now go and bring honor to us all.



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