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 You are A Priority

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Starting a new semester can be like starting a new chapter of your life, with all new expectations, classes and maybe even anxiety. Whether you’re a first-year student or a senior, coming back to school can be a stressful time. It’s a time where you begin to hold yourself accountable to do well educationally and socially. Especially now, many students are learning how to adjust to in-person learning, as the past year we have been stuck online. All of this pressure can cause major anxiety and stress which one might not know how to deal with. My advice is to make yourself a priority. Do things for you to maintain good mental health in a college atmosphere. 

Here are seven benefits to remain a good mental health status 

  1. Alone time

College can be a time where you are constantly with people, your roommates, classmates, and your best friends. It can become overwhelming to be constantly around people. Being surrounded by peers can sometimes lead you to take on their stress as well so remember to focus on you for a second. Watch some Netflix after a long day of classes. Take a hot shower. Do a face mask. Take a walk around campus. Whatever makes you feel at ease during stressful periods, prioritize it. It is crucially important to think about yourself to balance a heathy lifestyle. 

2. Recreational activities on Campus 

The University of New Hampshire has offered a variety of recreational activities on campus. The Campus rec app is an application that offers numerous resources for students. Within the app it offers group exercises that occur every day like yoga, spin and even Zumba class. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety because it increases the production of your serotonin. Exercise can help you stay motivated and active in times where you feel like doing absolutely nothing. Exercise is one of the best ways to release endorphins that help you experience happiness. 

3. Get Outside

At times it can feel extremely hard to get out of bed, especially during this pandemic, we students have felt as if staying in our room has become the new normal. We have become so used to lying in bed, doing our homework and joining our classes from zoom. This has led many people to be couch potatoes. Getting outside can help you lift your spirits and adjust your mood. Simply sitting outside, doing some homework and getting some Vitamin D can help you escape some stress you might feel. Being outside is extremely important to help us manage what our body needs, the outdoors can help your relieve stress, reduce anxiety and even depression. Vitamin D levels are also an important component of one’s health, high  Vitamin D levels can help boost your happiness and get the recommended amount of Vitamin D

4. Journal 

Journaling can be a great outlet for when you are feeling sad, anxiety-ridden and even stressed. While journaling, include what is making you feel the way you are. Include what makes you feel good. What makes you feel better. Journaling can help you come up with solutions. Begin to track what you love, achievements and gratitude. Reminding yourself what you are grateful for can help you boost your happiness. Track your achievements, be proud of what you have accomplished and continue to strive for your goal. Write down what you love whether it’s donuts or your friends. Remind yourself of all the good in the world and recognize all the bad you might be feeling at that moment. It is important to release your emotions and journaling can help you do so. 

5. Make yourself a priority

Buried by stress and the workload, College can be a time where you can get lost in your schoolwork.  It is important to do things for yourself. Treat yourself when you have accomplished something to have that sense of gratification and fulfillment. Treat yourself when you feel stressed as well, many do their best work when they want to do the work. Tell yourself, I am going to get that coffee and study for my exam. Have designated days to focus on yourself, do a face mask, take a bath, get your nails done, whatever it is that makes you simply feel good. Bring your self-peace at times where you feel overwhelmed, create normalcy of doing things for yourself in order to better yourself and your work. 

6. Mental Health Resources 

Although you may feel like you can juggle it all, it is important to use campus resources. Health and Wellness at the University of New Hampshire offer help to those who may not feeling the best whether it is physically or mentally. The University of New Hampshire website has a tab specifically discussing what Health and Wellness have to offer. They acknowledge that entering school and getting jobs can be times where people need to learn how to manage stress and changes. On-Campus, Health and Wellness offer psychiatrists, physicians and even different hotlines you can contact. Welltrack an app that they offer, well track is self-guided well-being and mental health mobile app. You can easily download this to your mobile phone and have a sense of relief at the tips of your fingers. I could go on and on about what Health and Wellness have to offer but I believe you should have a lock for yourself!

Health and Wellness Mental Health Resources 



7. Academic Support Services. 

It can be difficult doing assignments on your own especially when you do not understand the concepts. This can lead to you feeling overwhelmed and stressed. The University of New Hampshire helps during these times where you feel like you need help in your classes. The university offers a variety of Academic Support Services. The services vary from the MAC center, UNH Mathematics center to the Writing Center. No matter what major you are declared or classes you are taking, the University of New Hampshire has people to help you. 

Academic Support Services 

LINK: https://www.unh.edu/cfar/unh-academic-support-offices

I am a sophomore at UNH :) communication major. I joined her campus to get more involved with the campus
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