5 Ways To Make Working Out Fun

We all have a love-hate relationship with going to the gym, working out and exercising in general. We love to get it done, but hate to do it. Working out doesn't have to be all grunts and complains though. Here are 5 ways to make your trip to the gym a fun one.

1. Go with a friend.

I used to always struggle to find the motivation to get to the gym but, I’ve found that going with a friend makes it so much easier. My friends and I fit a workout into our schedule and it automatically makes us feel so much better about our day. And, it even gives us an excuse to hang out!

2. Make a bomb a** playlist.

Music gives me motivation. When I’m hearing Thomas Rhett in my ear while dying on the treadmill, I tell myself to keep going. Thomas is rooting for me!

3. Set goals!

Of course it’s okay to just workout to be genuinely healthy. You don’t have to walk into the gym hoping to lose 10 pounds. Instead, set a goal for a distance on the treadmill, or a new weight for your squat max. This will keep you coming back and make your workouts a little less pressuring.

4. Do something new each time.

It’s great to get into a routine but eventually that will just get old. Mix up your workouts! Whether it be new exercises at the gym or brand new scenery. Try an aerial yoga class, maybe experiment with CrossFit, or go hiking. There are so many different forms of exercise to try so you'll never get bored!

5. Focus on your journey (and only yours).

You are at the gym for you and for you only. Don’t fret over that girl in the corner who looks like a fitness model because she was once in your shoes. Don’t obsess over that Instagram famous girl who has the “perfect body”. Everyone has to work to accomplish what they want in the gym and everyone has to start somewhere. Your fitness journey is yours and no one else's.