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Products to Keep Your Hair and Skin Hydrated

Living in the Midwest, we have both the blessing and curse of experiencing all four seasons. While our springs and autumns are gorgeous, our summers are grueling and our winters are relentless and unforgiving.


In the midst of this recent stretch of extreme winter weather, however, I have found that my hair and skin are reeling from the dry air and freezing temperatures more than usual. I know I’m not alone in this struggle, so below are some of my favorite (and pretty affordable) hair and skincare products guaranteed to keep your hair feeling healthy and hydrated and your skin feeling moisturized and fresh.

Dabur Amla Hair Oil

This is probably one of the most popular haircare products in Indian and South Asian beauty markets, and for good reason. While the medicinal properties of amla oil are associated with boosting immune function, improving digestion and treating inflammation, it also has numerous properties that benefit skin and hair health. This particular product is meant to be used for hair, and although it has a pretty thick texture and consistency and a relatively strong smell, it’s notorious for nourishing a dry scalp, stimulating hair growth and reducing premature pigment loss (essentially, preventing gray or white hair).


I use this product at least once a week, and I see the best results from applying it before going to bed and leaving it on overnight (pro tip: while amla oil doesn’t cause permanent staining, putting on a shower cap and/or laying a towel over your pillow before going to sleep are good ways to prevent your sheets from getting oil residue on them). The next morning, I wash it out with shampoo and apply conditioner afterward. Even if you leave this product in for only an hour or two, you’ll definitely see and feel a noticeable difference in your hair. 

Trader Joe’s 100% Argan Oil

I spotted this while grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s a couple of weeks ago, and I’m already a huge fan of this product. Argan oil is an incredible ingredient, particularly because of its protective, healing and hydrating properties. While there are hundreds of hair and skin products that boast argan oil as their primary ingredient, I prefer this product because of its price point (I included a link for purchasing this product online, but you can get it for about half the price in-store) and formula. The only ingredient used in it is pure argan oil, and it doesn’t have any fragrances.


While I generally use argan oil on my hair, the packaging indicates that it can also be used on skin and nails. And because of its thin and lightweight texture, it’s perfectly suited for daily use. After washing my hair, I like to get a few drops and lather them into my scalp and the length of my hair. I also use it on dry hair, and it leaves my hair feeling soft and looking shiny; it absorbs nicely and doesn’t leave any greasiness or oiliness behind.

The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA

Thanks to Hyram Yarbro, I’m a pretty big fan of The Ordinary because of their high-quality formulas and low price point. After noticing some dry spots around my chin, jaw and neck, I felt the need to incorporate a more potent moisturizer into my skincare routine in hopes of treating these dry patches. Naturally, The Ordinary’s catalog was the first place I checked for a capable and affordable moisturizer.


I really love this product because of its thick and luxurious texture as well as its use of hyaluronic acid. When applying it to your face, it immediately feels like it’s locking in hydration and it seems to last all day without making your face look shiny or greasy. It might be a product you can phase out and replace with a lighter formula during the more humid spring and summer months, but I highly recommend it for keeping your face moisturized in the midst of this dry and frigid winter.

Soothing Touch Lavender Coconut Lip Balm

During the winter, my lips get terribly dry and chapped. Since using this lip balm, however, my lips have never felt so soft and hydrated.


I really love the smooth texture and application of this product; you don’t need much of it and it nicely glides right over your lips. The scent of the lavender is so soothing and relaxing, and the coconut oil in it is a great moisturizer. Another nice perk is that this product is vegan, organic and cruelty, gluten and paraben-free.

CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion

My final recommendation is a full-body moisturizer that repairs and hydrates damaged and dry skin. CeraVe is another brand I’ve explored and tried thanks to Hyram Yarbro’s recommendations, and I love that they not only develop high-quality formulas, but that their products are both accessible and affordable. Their prices are pretty reasonable and if you’re not able to place an order online, chances are that you’ll be able to purchase the product you’re looking for at your local drug store. Like I said before, it’s a super accessible brand.


Anyway, I’ve been using this moisturizer for about a month, and it’s been super effective in preventing my skin from flaking or drying out. I love the texture and absorbency of this cream, and I also appreciate that it’s fragrance-free. Overall, I feel like my skin appears undeniably smoother, softer and healthier thanks to the ceramides and hyaluronic acid incorporated into the formula.

If your hair and skin are struggling this winter, hopefully some of the products listed above can help! If not, know that there are plenty of resources to draw from that can help you discover products and treatments best suited for your needs. Do your own research, and don’t be afraid to consult a dermatologist to address any concerns you may have. Stay safe and stay warm!

Niki is a third-year student at UMKC pursuing double majors in history and English along with a minor in film studies. Outside of writing and re-watching her favorite Tom Cruise movies, you can find her listening to audiobooks while on strolls through the park or walks around her neighborhood. She enjoys talking about travel, literature, health, wellness, and skincare and can never turn down a good cup of tea.
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