What It Feels Like To Delete Your Instagram

It was risky, I know. One day, I just woke up and thought “what have I to prove anymore”, thus, I deleted my Instagram account. We were consumed in it for so long, I received my validation from likes yet I compared myself to every woman on it.

A few weeks later, unsurprisingly, I am discussing it now that I have actually started to notice a few little changes in our standard of life.

  1. I spend so much less time on my phone now and in turn spend that time actually living in the real world.
  2. I am a lot less critical of how we look. Every little helps in todays world.
  3. I am also a lot less critical of others looks, too.
  4. I no longer believe in the validation of likes and comments- all that matters is our own opinion and the opinions of those we love around us.
  5. The pictures I take are actually for myself now, not just to post on social media.
  6. It was better to see the Autumn pictures of leaves through my own eyes rather than through others pictures on Instagram. 
  7. The way in which I approach life is less “filtered” and sometimes you can have a bad day and not feel like you need to present yourself in an idealistic manner. 
  8. It saves a lot of phone battery- a lot a lot.