Domestic Abuse Awareness Month

October is domestic abuse awareness month. 

Sometimes the monsters aren't the ones under our bed, they’re the ones in it. They’re sometimes tall enough that we must stretch on our tippy toes to kiss them or they have the most perfect smiles and brown eyes that remind you of lyrics and poetry. They like cappuccinos and puppies; too. And our parents probably love them. They bought your mother chrysanthemums and watch the soccer with your father.

And you love them and they love you too. So much that they are the most important person in your life; you don’t need your friends, they only weigh you down. They’re also too good for you at the same time though. They make sure you know though, you are nothing without them and you will never find someone. And that was a nasty ‘fall’ you took last night. In Ireland, the statistics are harrowing. In a 2014 study entitled 'Violence against women: An EU-wide survey' by the European Union Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA), it was reported that 14% of women in Ireland have experienced physical violence by a partner since age 15.

6% of Irish women have experienced sexual violence by a current or former partner and 31% of women have experienced psychological violence by a partner. 12% of Irish respondents in the FRA study had experienced stalking (including cyber stalking). In 2016, there were 16,946 disclosures of domestic violence against women noted during 19,115 contacts with Women's Aid Direct Services.  There were 11,078 incidents of emotional abuse, 3,502 incidents of physical abuse and 1,671 incidents of financial abuse disclosed.

In the same year, 695 incidents of sexual abuse were disclosed to our services including 316 rapes. If you, or anyone you know may be experiencing domestic violence, please reach out for help.



Sonas Domestic Violence Charity Ltd- 01-8662015 or 087 952 5217

W.O.V.E (Women Overcoming Violence)- (085) 1620257

Adapt- 1800 200 504