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Make Delicious Poke Bowls At Home

Are you a sushi lover looking to try something new? Poke bowls are the way to go! They are a healthy alternative that tastes like sushi. The best part is, you could add your own toppings to it! Poke bowls typically cost about $10 a bowl. Here’s what you need to make these bowls at home:

1. Choose a Base

Start off by choosing a type of rice. This will go at the bottom of the bowl. You could add white rice or can choose the healthier alternative of adding brown rice.

2. Choose a Protein

Second, you want to add your choice of protein. You don’t have to stop at one, you could add as much as you would like. I personally recommend fresh salmon, tuna, and cooked shrimp. You could even marinate your fish before adding it to make it rich in flavor. If you would prefer a vegetarian option, try seasoned tofu.

3. Add Your Sauce

Next, you’re going to want to add some sauce. This gives the bowl more flavor and brings it all together. Soy sauce is a great option for poke bowls. Spicy mayo is also delicious! You could easily make it by mixing sriracha sauce into mayonnaise and adding a bit of lemon juice.

4. Add The Finishing Toppings

This part is the most exciting! Once you have added your foundation, you’re ready to top it all off with whatever you want. Some great toppings are mushrooms, avocado, dried seaweed (you could crush some seaweed chips), green onion, edamame, fresh seaweed, crunchy onion, cucumber shreds, shredded carrot… the list goes on! Think of what typically comes in sushi and add it right on top to your bowl.

5. Enjoy!

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