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Best Outdoor Fitness Activities in the City

Now that it is finally starting to feel like spring in Chicago, what better way to enjoy the beautiful weather than by being active outdoors? If you felt confined in the UIC student recreational center just as much as I did, you are probably jumping for joy at the sign of 50 degree weather! One of the best things about exercising outdoors is not feeling restricted in an overly crowded gym, but being able to accomplish your fitness goals while exploring and appreciating Chicago’s eclectic neighborhoods and scenery. Here are a few of my favorite outdoor fitness routines that will be sure to have you break out a sweat, all the while you enjoy all that Chicago has to offer.


Biking/Running/Walking along Lakeshore

Nothing is better than feeling that cool lake effect breeze while you are burning off all those calories! From sunrise to sunset, you’ll find tons of runners and bikers getting a healthy sweat while enjoying the beautiful views of the city. A view like Chicago’s skyline is like no other and working out with a scene that gorgeous will probably encourage you to run that extra mile or two!

Chicago 5k Races

Looking for a more fun and energetic workout experience? The Color Run, Run or Dye Run, or Rave Run would be perfect to participate in this summer! These 5k’s are anything but serious. Running along the city’s lakefront while being covered in color powder is definitely an experience to have!

Chicago Critical Mass

For all you fellow bikesters like me, Chicago Critical Mass is something you should partake in. At the last Friday of every month, bikers gather at Daley Plaza and pretty much take over the city’s streets. As a huge fan of the biking community in Chicago, Critical Mass is something that I think fellow fixie riders will enjoy!

Outdoor Yoga

Besides running and biking, another great fitness activity that I love to do that connects your body with your mind is yoga! What better way to take a yoga class than outdoors? Every summer, Lincoln Park Zoo offers yoga classes that are outdoors. They are popular, so sign up as early as possible!


Nicole is a proud city girl born and raised in beautiful Chicago. She is currently a student at the University of Illinois at Chicago as a Business Marketing major and a part of the Women's Line Up Team at Nike Chicago. She loves everything to do with fitness & health, music, urban life, and sports! In her spare time she loves to run, ride her fixie along the lakefront, do yoga, and volunteer! She is a die hard Chicago Bulls fan with a huge sweet tooth. Nicole's dream is to have a career in marketing with a focus in brand management or advertisement and sales promotion.
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