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Her Campus at UIC Flames In The City

At the University of Illinois at Chicago, we may not have a football team or sorority/fraternity houses but you know what we do have? The...

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Her Campus at UIC Get Your Dream Job

Start Somewhere...Anywhere Depending on what kind of job you’re looking for, you will need to make yourself familiar with that work...

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Tuscany on Taylor Street

Are you looking for a fancy place to take your SO on a date? Maybe you want a nice night out with a friend or two? Or even better,...

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The Guide to the UIC Greek Councils

Credit to UIC Fraternity and Sorority Life for the thumbnail image. Ladies, school is back in session for the spring semester, and that...

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5 Tips Going Into Finals Season

Thanksgiving has ended, the sleigh bells are ringing and once again, finals season is among us. It’s totally normal to be stressed, but...

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Lambda Zeta Chi: Smashing Stigmas

We are partnering with Lambda Zeta Chi to promote their upcoming mental health awareness event on campus, called "Smashing Stigmas." As...