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8 Situations People Who Cry Easily Understand

Most people think crying only happens when someone is sad, elated or in pain, but those of us who cry easily know that is not the case. We all find ourselves in certain situations that we know will make us cry, and by now, we’re just used to it. Some of those situations are:

1. Seeing a cute animal

We’ve all been thereyou’re driving along, minding your business, when suddenly you see a dog that seems too cute to be real. Before you even know what’s happening, you’re overwhelmed with thoughts of how cute it is and how sad you are that you’ll never be able to pet it. The waterworks start before you have a chance to stop them.

2. Watching your favorite movie

We all have a favorite movie and there’s always that moment that just gets us every timeit doesn’t even have to be a sad movie. For instance, my favorite movie is Tangled and I absolutely lose it every time Flynn dies, even though I know he’s going to be fine.

3. When a character you love dies

While normal criers just get a little sad and move on, you find yourself tearing up with genuine grief and sometimes even have to put down the book or turn off the TV to give yourself time to mourn. (R.I.P. Han Solo.)

4. When you eat something really good

Whether it be red velvet cupcakes, Blue Bell ice cream or a gourmet steak, you’ve definitely cried while eating something before. Maybe even more than once. (Hey, no judgment.)

5. When a celebrity you love slays the red carpet

Your fave always looks good, but sometimes you see picture of them on the red carpet, working a designer dress or suit and you get flooded with feels. They’re just so beautiful and you’re so proud of them and the emotions become too strong

6. When someone raises their voice at you, even a little bit

It doesn’t matter if it’s deserved or not, the second the volume goes up, the tears come raining down. You’re not even sad, which is the infuriating part. The second the tears come, you lose whatever upper hand you had in the interaction and that’s just frustrating.

7. When you listen to sad music

Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be sad to bring forth the flood. Certain instruments might always make you weepy, like piano or cello. Maybe certain songs remind you of a memory that makes you cry.

8. When you’re happy

Sometimes a simple compliment is enough to set you off. Maybe you see that you got a good grade or got a card from a loved one and you just cry because you’re happy. It’s the best reason to cry and is the best feeling in the world.

Even though crying easily sucks most of the time, sometimes it’s not so bad.

Elsa is a sophomore at University of Houston, majoring in English. When she's not looking at pictures of dogs, she's napping. She hopes to one day be a novelist or work in publishing.
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