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Her Campus at UCD 5 Songs for a Good Cry

We’ve probably all, for one reason or another, put in our earphones, crawled into bed, and had an extensive crying session. While it isn’t exactly an ideal position to...

Her Campus at TAMU Feeling 22

Crying on your birthday may or may not be a universal experience. Read Susana McElroy's article to find out what lessons she learned on her 22nd birthday this year.

Her Campus at UCD The Best Crying Spots at UC Davis

College wasn’t meant to be a cakewalk. Studying for midterms, hunting for apartments, and bagging internships, can all heavily pressure a poor student’s mind. Breaking down is not a...

Her Campus at UMKC The Cure to Crying Season

The Spookiest Season of Them All Welcome to October,  are you  hanging in there? Each day is slowly enticing the seasonal depression and the homework pile of procrastination continues...