10 At-Home Workouts To Try This Week

Bored of being bored? Stay safe, healthy and AT HOME with these 10 workouts that you can complete in the comfort of your household!

  1. 1. Lazy Girl Ab Workout

    It only takes 20 minutes!

  2. 2. The Name Workout Challenge

    No nicknames allowed!

  3. 3. 8-Week Running Plan

    Hopefully, we won't be here for eight weeks...but you can get a headstart anyway!

  4. 4. 20-Minute Booty Builder

    For that booty you've been dreaming of!

  5. 5. Full Body H.I.T

    This one's a doozy.

  6. 6. The Living Room Workout

    No equipment required...just a room and a wall.

  7. 7. This 30-Day Challenge

    Build up that endurance!

  8. 8. Quick Morning Workout

    What a great way to start your day.

  9. 9. 52-Card Pickup

    The most creative one so far.

  10. 10. 28-Minute Full Body

    And finally, a well-rounded routine to end the list.

So get up off your feet and make the most of this quarantine! Because honestly, you're probably not doing anything else.