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The idea of pole dancing comes with a lot of stereotypes and is commonly overlooked as a form of art and a great workout. It has always required the same level of skill, elegance and athleticism as gymnastics or ballet; however, it has always been seen as belonging only in night clubs. Not only does pole dancing increase your strength, but it also helps with flexibility, mental health, weight loss and cardiovascular health.

Increases strength

According to Polefitfreedom.com, pole dancing improves your upper body strength, your core muscles and leg and grip strength. There are specific moves that target these different parts of your body. Targeting the upper body is a given, as you have to be able to hold your body weight while making it look effortless and easy. In simplest terms, any climb or spin on the pole will engage your upper body muscles. Pole dancing will also work your entire core as well as your back muscles. Any climbing up or down and pulling of your legs up will use your core muscles to stay tight. Lastly, just by pointing your toes, you are working out your leg muscles, more specifically your calves. Any plank or floor work will be using your legs.


Being bendy and nimble is only one perk of being flexible. Pole dancers are able to make amazing and beautiful shapes with their bodies, but in addition to that, flexibility reduces muscle soreness and the risk of injury. Given the twisting, flipping, stretching and bending involved in pole dancing, along the way you’re training your muscles and joints to be more flexible. You’re also improving your posture, sense of balance and spatial awareness.

Mental health

All exercises and forms of working out are beneficial for your mental health. The endorphins released when exercising are proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Your improved level of health, positive physical appearance changes and the mental stimulation physical exercise gives, will take part in boosting your self-esteem. Pole dancing creates a sense of solidarity with other classmates as each of you takes control and learns all the ways you can move your body. With this comes a sense of empowerment and confidence. Lastly, there is a satisfaction with this athleticism and motivation to study the artform.

Weight loss

In addition to the strengthening of muscles pole dancing offers, the intense cardio and strength building will aid you in losing weight as well. Pole dancing allows you to burn fat and gain muscle, which over time will make your body leaner. 

Cardiovascular health

Pole dancing just once a week will help you get your heart rate up, and it’ll work out your entire body. This intense exercise means you do not have to do cardio-focused workouts as often to be able to receive the heart benefits.

Pole dancing is so much more than its stereotype; it is an art and a great form of exercise. Pole dancing classes will have you feeling more healthy and confident in your skin.

Hayley Veltri is a Senior at the University of Florida and is a journalism major with an event management minor. She has a desire to work in the magazine industry and/or social media.
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