Fitness with Finesse: Working Out in The Swamp

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, or The Swamp, is a landmark here at UF. With the orange, the blue, and the seemingly infinite number of bleachers, not only is it a special part of campus, but it’s also a great place to work out! Here are a few ideas to help you stay fit at one of the best workout places on campus.

1. Run stadiums: With more than 1,500 steps at your disposal, the stadium is one of the best places to run, not to mention it’s an amazing workout. Running stadiums puts the StairMaster to shame and improves muscular endurance, which boosts performance in every aspect of your fitness routine.

2. Squats, lunges, and side lunges: The stadium is also a great spot for squats and lunges, especially since you can do them on both a flat surface and an incline. This is another way to strengthen your core.

3. Push-ups: The raised ledge separating the bleachers from the field acts as a great location to perform push-ups. By resting your hands on the ledge and your feet on the first bleacher, you can get a great workout without having to get on the floor.

The stadium is open to the public every day (except gameday weekends) from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. The Swamp is more than the home of the UF football team; it’s a gym too!