Fitness with Finesse: What Happened at the Gym Today, as told by 9 GIFs

Sometimes fitness is easy. Sometimes it’s painful. Sometimes it’s a bit of a disaster. Regardless, we have to keep going! Don’t forget to check out my workout plan created just for you, my collegiettes, at the end!

So your roommate asks if you want to go on an early morning 8-mile run with her.

Phew, you escaped.

Then the best friend calls. There are boys at the gym today.

The outfit is just going to have to do. You head to the gym as soon as class is out because you’re going to show everyone there that you know all about working out and how it’s done. You walk in, clearly looking like this:  

You grab a treadmill and power through a fast four miles.

Then you work those toned arms to perfection (am I the only one who is in love with the rowing machines?) While you’re at it, you notice a few particularly attractive guys appreciating your obvious talent.

But you can’t be tamed. You hit the floor mat for a series of Russian twists, roll-outs, v-ups, scissors and a final 4-minute plank. Maybe even some squats because you can totally handle it.

Then you have the brilliant idea to try some free weights, since you are a professional and all.

But then you drop a weight and almost shatter the floor along with all of your self-confidence because the entire gym just turned around to stare at you. 

But it’s ok because look at you, you’re totally hot!

Workout Plan for the Week: 
Cardio: Run four miles at a challenging speed for you; try not to slow down! 
Arms: free weights (if you dare) and the rowing machine – at least 15 minutes set to the maximum resistance. 
Abs and Tone: 
50 Russian twists: Hold a medicine ball for extra resistance  
25 Roll-outs: Feel free to take a break in the middle!  
50 V-ups:  Try to straighten your body out while still hovering arms and feet above the ground; bring both up to center, then lower back down  
30 Scissors: My personal favorite, remember to keep your legs straight!  
4-minute Plank: You can do it. I believe in you.

Let’s just all focus on the Ryan Gosling GIF, shall we?