Fitness with Finesse: The Ultimate Game Day Workout


The most exciting season of the year is back—college football season! Between being awoken by the harmonious sounds of the Gator Marching Band rehearsals, the yummy aroma of freshly grilled barbecue, corn hole games set up everywhere you look, and the sea of people decked out in orange and blue, you can truly feel the school spirit in the air.! However, our football team isn’t the only one that can win the day; you can too! Stay on track with your goals, get pumped for the game, and tone up before the tailgate with this fun and fast 15-minute workout.

I know game days are jam-packed with fun festivities, which is why this workout uses High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to torch a large amount of calories in a small amount of time. Complete each exercise for 1 minute each and watch your confidence soar in your new game day dress!

1. Practice getting the crowd camera to notice you

(Jumping jacks)

2. Get ready to climb those stadium steps

(Walking lunges)

3. Rehearse your reaction when the Gators score a touchdown

(Tuck jumps)

4. Practice passing over the game day snacks

(Russian twists)

5. Keep your heart pumping like a Gator player

(High knees)

6. Half time! Take a one-minute break

7. Prepare your curtsey for when the legendary Steve Spurrier walks by

(Curtsey lunge & back kicks)

8. Tackle the day away


9. Pretend you’re on defense and push 'em back

(Reverse curls)

10. Slide through the massive crowds

(Speed skaters)

11. Time-out! Take a one minute break

12. Practice your best field goal

(Walking leg lifts)

13. Get football-level footwork

(Quick feet)

14. Make a human beerpong table


15. Get off your seat and cheer

(Jump squats)


Congrats girl, you completed the workout! You are the real MVP. Time to grab some Gatorade and have the best game day ever!

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