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Fitness With Finesse: Netflix and Chisel, the TV Tone-Up Workout

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

In the hustle and bustle of daily college life, sometimes you just need an escape. In my opinion, one of the best (but most addictive) types of escapes is watching TV on Netflix. Let’s face it: some days, there is not enough gym motivation in the world that can pull us away from a cliff-hanging episode of Grey’s Anatomy or Gossip Girl — and that is okay. For those lazy days when you feel like you cannot leave your room but also dread missing a workout, here is a healthy spin on a bad habit. Break a sweat while binging your favorite series by following this workout below. (The best part? You barely even need to get off the floor!)

Do each move for one minute each and repeat as many times as desired during your binge-watching session. One time through all the circuits combined should take 30 minutes total, so repeat the 5 circuits twice to fill a whole episode!

1. Circuit One: Cardio

Jumping jacks

Cross-body crunch

Jump squats

Mountain climbers

Jump lunges

2. Circuit Two: Legs

Lying side leg lifts

Lying leg raises

In and Outs

Flutter kicks

Wall Sits

3. Circuit Three: Abs

Russian twists

Side planks

Heel touches

Oblique crunches

Bicycle crunches

4. Circuit Four: Glutes

Plie squats

Alternating glute kick-backs

Alternating fire hydrants

Hip lifts (With feet flat and knees apart)

Hip lifts (With feet flat and one leg extended)

5. Circuit Five: Arms

Modified pushups

Dive Bomber

Arm circles


Forearm to extended plank

You did it! While unwinding into the world of your favorite show, you also torched a ton of calories while toning your muscles! Bye bye couch potato life.


Photo credits: workoutlabs.com, einshac.org