Fitness with Finesse: How I Hit The Gym and The Books


I have a great confession for you today: I woke up sore this morning. That’s right, the welcome twinge of pain that says, “You actually worked out hard yesterday,” is finally back in my body, and I couldn’t be happier.

What’s better than sore muscles? Today I’m here to tell you that I earned them in just one 30-minute gym class. Total Body Express, offered at the Student Rec Center, is 30 quick minutes of cardio and strength exercises that you can hit in between classes or when your schedule just simply isn’t allowing for any exercise. At the very least, I highly recommend it!

I always thought working out in between classes was a great idea that just wasn’t meant for me. I envisioned showing up to class sweating and gross, sent to the back corner to sit by myself in my post-workout stink. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you’re heading to the gym mid-day, I recommend throwing three lifesavers into your bag: a fresh T-shirt, makeup wipes and an extra cold water bottle. After the gym, change your shirt, wipe off your hard-earned sweat and guzzle some H2O – I promise you’ll be good to go! You may not want to head to class, but you’ll still be showing up looking good as new.

Not a fan of group fitness? Stop in for a quick two-mile run or crunch some abs. Just remember to bring lots of water to keep you going.  Grab something to eat, and then head back to class. Be proud that you can keep fitness in your every day routine.

Above all, remember the best cure for sore muscles: work them even harder tomorrow!

Check out any cool fitness classes lately? Let me know how you fit fitness into your busy lifestyle!