Fitness with Finesse: Healthy Summer-Eating Tips

Planning a new fitness routine this Summer? Start in the kitchen! No workout can get you the body you want unless you give yourself the right fuel, so here are some key tips to energize your hardest workouts all Summer long.

Eat as many sources of good protein as you can. This does not mean you should grab the nearest chicken wing or hamburger at your summer picnic — choose healthy sources of protein such as chickpeas (try hummus or chickpea burgers), lean white-meat chicken, or vegetables like edamame and spinach.

Cut down on heavy carbs. By now, you know “white,” processed grains are out and whole grains are in. But what does that mean for your choices in the kitchen? If you’re craving a solid serving of carbs — which are a must the day before a long workout — make a stir-fry of brown rice and your favorite veggies, or try the ever-trendy quinoa with feta cheese, peppers, and a scrambled egg. Choosing healthy carbs will keep you going stronger and longer.

Don’t forget about potassium. The extra-special vitamin helps your muscles stay strong and keeps your heart pumped up during cardio, so load up! Bananas are the No. 1 potassium source we have all heard about time and time again (and they really are a miracle food!), but if you are looking for a change, snag some extra potassium from asparagus, oranges, and kale.

Treat yourself to healthy fats. Avocados aren’t trending right now just because they’re delicious — they are actually one of the best sources of healthy, tummy-tucking, craving-satisfying vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats, all in one! Mash avocados up for guacamole, add to a salad, or enjoy them with an egg cooked sunny-side-up. Other sources of healthy fats include almonds, sunflower seeds, and olives.

Work on your tans and your hot bods this summer, collegiettes™, and we’ll see you Fall!