Fitness With Finesse: Fitness Tips and Tricks (One Year Later)


Throughout the year, I’ve filled you in on all kinds of fitness tips and healthy eating habits. Here are my favorites to keep us all going for the next few months!

1. Drink Water
I’ve said this so many times, and I know how annoying it can be to fit five more bathroom breaks into your schedule, but water is my No. 1 tip for everyone. Simple H2O is key for staying healthy and hydrated as well as maintaining a toned body. It also allows you to tackle tougher workouts! Try to drink at least 64 ounces a day – with all the healthy benefits, it should seem like nothing! Also, try drinking a full glass of water right before you go to bed each night; it reduces bloat and helps re-energize you in the morning.

2. Opt for Fewer Carbs 
I love pasta and bread and pizza and, well, you get the idea, but carbohydrates are full of processed calories and fat we don’t need. You are automatically eating healthier when you choose a fresh salad rather than a sandwich with those same ingredients wedged between two slices of thick, carb-filled bread. If you need to have your carb fix, opt for veggie pastas or chips, try some rice, or at least go for the whole-wheat option.

3. Eat Breakfast 
Recent studies have shown that if you eat a good breakfast within 30 minutes of when you wake up, you automatically jumpstart your metabolism and energize your day! This is no hurried granola bar either; my favorites are egg whites and spinach, oatmeal and fruit, or even a yogurt parfait. So jump out of bed, make breakfast, and get going – preferably to the beach!

4. Make a Plan 
Make fitness part of your daily routine. Sporadic exercise and “I’ll do it when I can” generally leads to no workouts and no productivity. Set aside time in the morning or evening to go for a run or hit the gym at least five days a week – it may be rough at first, but think about how great you'll feel when you’re finished! If you can’t set a strict enough plan for yourself, check out Pinterest for easy workout programs and calendars!

Once we escape finals mode (my current diet is a fortified combination of sugar, caffeine, and snacks), happily dip into the summer sun and get back to our healthy selves, these are the tips we need to remember to stay in shape and stay healthy all summer long. Hope to see your tanned, summer self in the fall!