Fitness with Finesse: 8 Stages of Running on UF's Campus

1. You get ready to do stadiums but realize it’s gameday.

2. Starting your run, you feel like you can accomplish anything… then a bike nearly hits you.

3. You run through Turlington Plaza because you think no one will flier a runner… and yet, they still do.

4. You make your way past the Hub when the smell of Chick-fil-A reaches you... Must. Not. Eat. Fries.

5. Oh no. Is that the cute guy who gave me notes in class? 

6. When you go to The Swamp and everyone else decided to do stadiums today, too.

7. On your way back, you’re tired, and a bus stop is up ahead. Maybe you should just take the bus home?

8. But you keep on running all the way through campus. Victory!