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Fitness with Finesse: 5 Hotel-Approved Summer Workouts

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

Summer is upon us, and for those of us who will be traveling this summer, unfortunately our gym memberships don’t travel across the sea with us. Going on vacay means living the luxurious/maybe not-so-luxurious lifestyle at a hotel. While you may be on a much-needed vacation somewhere around the world, there shouldn’t be a vacation from getting your fitness on. After sticking to your workout routine for months or even weeks, you don’t want to mess up the flow while on vacation. If your hotel has no gym, you’re in luck because here are some easy exercises you can do right in the confines of your hotel room.

1. Mountain Climbers
These are deadly but super efficient because they work out your entire body. Get in a push-up position and make sure your body is a straight plank. Keeping your hands planted on the ground, bring one knee up to the opposite elbow and then back to the ground. Then do the same with the other knee. Note: This should be done repeatedly.

2. Incline Push-Ups
For all my push-up haters out there, here’s the push-up for you. Grab a chair, or you can use the edge of the bed, and place your hands on the surface, keeping your feet on the floor in push-up position. Lower yourself down slowly, making sure to keep your core tight and squeezing those glutes, and then come back up.

3. Luggage Lifts
With this next exercise, we’re gonna put that bulky luggage to use. You can use your small carry-on for this one. Kneel on a chair or bed with one leg and keep your other leg planted on the floor. Hold your suitcase like you would hold a weight. With a flat back, bring your arms up to your chest and lower it slowly back down. Alternate sides to work out both arms.

4. Wall Squats
Pick a wall to squat against. With your back against the wall, lower yourself down into a squat position, creating a 90-degree angle. Hold this and repeat.

5. Stairs
If your hotel has stairs, use them to work out, being mindful of tourists. You can walk up and down the stars, squat them or run them.

You can do these workouts before you head out and explore the destination you’re at or after a long day of sightseeing. These workouts are great because you won’t need any equipment, so there are no excuses. Also, to your surprise and mine, working out after traveling helps with jet lag and will help you adjust to a new time zone. I know I’ll for sure be trying these out during my European trip this summer.

Happy summer, collegiettes!

Photo Credit: liftingrevolution.com

Natalie Cardenas is a fourth year Political Science and Spanish major at the University of Florida. She is from Miami, so Spanglish is basically her first language. She enjoys watching Friends, obsessing over stationery, and lives in black leggings. This past summer she interned with Latina Magazine in NYC, and fell in love with the city life. She plans on booking a one way ticket to the Big Apple after graduation.