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7 Tips for Fighting “Stress-ne”

Picture this: Midterms are coming up, so naturally you’ve been stressing like crazy. One day you’re getting ready in the mirror and you spot some tiny blemishes popping up on your skin. This sucks, right? You thought your days of fighting pesky pimples were over now that you’re an adult. Don’t freak out because Her Campus UFL is here with seven helpful tips to get fight back against “stress-ne,” or stress-induced acne.

1. Cleanse your face twice a day.This seems like a no-brainer, but cleansing your face of excess oil will help keep your pores clear and stop bacteria from spreading. Look for cleansers that contain benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid and be sure to pat your face — not rub it — dry. If you notice your skin starting to become dry, cut back or look into medicated lotions.

2. Watch your nutrition.As the saying goes, “You are what you eat.” Did you know your skin regenerates itself every 27 days? Turning to junk food can be easy in times of stress, but a healthy diet can be key in keeping your skin clear and glowing. Avoid processed foods with a high amount of grease or refined sugar. Dark berries, nuts, avocado, leafy greens and eggs are just some of the foods that can promote better skin health.

3. Stay hydrated.Water and green tea are powerful tools in fighting breakouts and keeping your skin looking healthy and young. Getting enough to drink goes a long way.

4. Give your skin a break!Be wary of the kind of cosmetics you’re using, as some brands can trap dirt and oil in pores, clogging them and causing breakouts. Consider cutting back and giving yourself some time during the week to go au natural!

5. Never pop your zits.Not only can this lead to bacteria being spread to more of your pores, but it can also cause permanent scarring!

6. Relax more!If stress is making you break out and you’re looking for ways to help your acne, then practice reducing your stress. Make sure you’re sleeping enough and be sure to treat yourself to some down time in between all of the things you’re balancing in your life.

7. Consider talking to your doctor.Sometimes the problem goes deeper than a little stress or hormonal changes. If you notice a significant, persistent problem with your skin, some low-dose prescription birth control pills, antibiotics or probiotics can sometimes do more for people with pesky adult breakouts.

Hopefully combining these tips will lead you to the land of clear, radiant skin. And remember — no popping, no matter how tempting it is!

Savana is a second year student with senior standing at the University of Florida, where she's majoring in Journalism with a minor in Non-Profit Leadership. This is her second semseter with Her Campus UFL, and she works as both the secretary and a writer. She's also a contributing writer for the Florida Independent Alligator, is set to star in an upcoming documentary web series on contemorary feminism, and helps out with a journalism club founded at an elemenatary school in Tallahassee. 
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