5 Tricks to Naturally Boost Your Metabolism

Getting in shape is hard. It’s even tougher when your metabolism isn’t working like it should be. For those of you out there trying to stick to your New Year’s resolution, slow progress can be incredibly frustrating (not to mention discouraging), and it can be easy to get desperate when you want to see results fast. Patience, ladies. Luckily there are ways to help give your body that extra kick it might need, and the best part? They’re free and super good for you.

1. Drink lots of ice waterWater is a must regardless of your health goals, but did you know that ice water can help you burn a couple extra calories just by drinking it? The coldness causes your body to work harder in order to maintain its natural body temperature. Try chugging a glass on an empty stomach about a half hour before meals. Iced green tea works really well, too, if you’re looking for a little flavor in your beverage.

2. Don’t skip breakfastThey don’t call it the most important meal of the day for nothing. As a college student it can be hard to find the time to squeeze in a morning meal, but for those worried about having a sluggish metabolism, eating breakfast is essential. During sleep, your body is essentially fasting itself and will slow itself down in order to conserve energy. Eating something in the morning will help end that period of slow metabolism so your body will be encouraged to burn fuel at a faster rate during the day.

3. Add more spices to your foodStudies have shown that spices can raise body temperature slightly, which in turn can cause the body to work harder to balance itself, burning more calories. So turn up the heat on your next meal by adding some kick — it’ll taste great and help your metabolism at the same time!

4. Work on building more lean muscleToss away the myth that weight lifting will make you bulky, and go hit the gym. Lean muscle mass burns way more calories and takes up a lot less space than fat. If the weight room isn’t for you, try alternatives such as yoga, Pilates or a custom home workout. Strong is the new sexy!

5. Get more sleep at nightThis is another difficult one for college students, but it’s quite possibly the most important. Sleep is a time for your body to reset itself, and not getting enough can get in the way of your body’s ability to break down carbohydrates, encouraging your body to cling on to fat stores instead of burn them. Plus, the more rested you are, the more motivated you are to be active throughout the day! Don’t skip out on the z’s!

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and masterpieces take time! Don’t give up, and stay healthy collegiettes.


Photo credit: www.dailyperricone.com