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With all the buzz around CorePower Yoga’s kick-ass workouts (or should I say ass-kicking workouts), I had to give it a try for myself. Many of my friends at UCSB had previously jumped on board with the free trial week and haven’t looked back since. Unable to resist, I scheduled a class during finals week of Winter Quarter. Little did I know, this class would be the perfect brain break during the most intense week of college.

Caught up in the whirlwind of finals, deadlines, tests, and countless other stressors vying for my attention, finding time for self-care felt as challenging as getting a spot on the fourth floor of the library. Thankfully, the CorePower class was upbeat, allowing me to unroll my mat in a positive and uplifting space. At the end, there was even time to collect my thoughts and unwind before heading back to hectic end-of-quarter cramming.  

CorePower classes blend strength, sweat, and mindfulness to give you a seriously invigorating experience on the mat. Afterwards, you not only feel good about your body but also about your mindset. And despite having tried a few yoga classes elsewhere, the vibrant UCSB community at the CorePower 5 minutes away from campus has created an atmosphere that surpassed any I had encountered previously — one that was lively and more sociable.

My First COrePower Class

For my first time, I went for one of the more intense options, the Yoga Sculpt class, and as someone who loves fitness and routinely goes to the gym, I mistakenly thought this class wouldn’t be too difficult. Reflecting on it now, I realize I have never sweated more than I did that day. The entire time, I was conscious of my breath, and afterwards, I probably drank more than my weight in water.

The workout was not only physically and mentally satisfying, but also offered something more: a vibe. I use the word “vibe” to characterize this workout because, in a class setting, not only are you working on your own potential, but you’re surrounded by sweaty, supportive people right beside you. Instructor Avery McConnell, also a UCSB student, highlighted in an interview how she enjoys the freedom to curate her playlists, mentioning, “I can play music that I know other students at UCSB love too!” While hitting the gym can sometimes feel like a drag, this workout was an absolute blast, leaving me eager to explore more classes.

When it comes to yoga, rolling out your mat in a class setting isn’t just about striking a pose; it’s about striking a balance (check out this Her Campus article to get some more insight about easily implementing yoga, the benefits, and the alternatives). So, while you could solo downward dog at the Rec Center, there’s something special about being in a class surrounded by like-minded yogis. Having an instructor guide you ensures you don’t twist yourself into a pretzel (literally or metaphorically), keeps the beat going, and pushes you to rep out till the end.  

First-timeR Advice

If you’re similarly interested in CorePower, I can vouch that being a first-timer was not as daunting as it may seem. The class was easy to book, and right when I walked in, the staff was super friendly, helping me find all the right weights for my workout. The practice room was packed, the energy high, and, of course, supplemented by great music.

Avery gives her advice to any new yogi: “Go in with an open mind and let the benefits speak for themselves!” She also notes that due to the growth in demand, there are so many instructors and therefore more options for class times. The classes start earlier than 7, with the latest at 8:15 p.m., allowing anyone to find a time to go! Avery also talked about the many different types of classes, which give people the opportunity to find their “niche.” Whether it’s a class with more meditative qualities or one with heart-pumping cardio, CorePower has it.

Like Avery says, “it doesn’t take long to fall in love with the whole experience.” For many UCSB students, committing financially to something you’re not sure about is tricky. But CorePower is flexible — they offer a free week. For me, this got me to try it out without the stress of having to pay for it. Of course, once you start, it might be hard to go back. If this is the case, they offer a student discount, so be sure to check that out too!

Was it worth it?

Overall, I was somewhat surprised at how ensnaring this experience was. My motivation for my first class was linked to writing this article, but in the end, I realized the reboot and refresh I got from CorePower were more than I had anticipated. It’s up to you to decide for yourself whether the whole “CorePower Craze” lives up to the hype… and the price… but, either way, it’s something worth giving a try!

Hi! I'm Margot, a first-year student majoring in Global Studies at UCSB. I grew up in New Jersey but later moved to the Seattle area (bless Santa Barbara for saving me from all those rainy days). I'm an editorial intern but when I'm not writing for Her Campus, I like to eat good food, read, and make pottery or scrapbooks.