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Summer Bodies are Made in the Winter

Here are some useful and realistic tips to start your fitness journey in college! Let me start off by saying, getting fit is about creating a healthy lifestyle, not just a diet. This includes strengthening your mind and body to become a better version of yourself! Also, everyone is different, and all these tips might not work out for all of you, but feel free to alter this to your lifestyle. 

1. Create a realistic goal. 

The key word is realistic. What is something you always wanted to work on? Is it building a better butt, losing some weight or eating healthier? Whatever it is, start off small. It takes 21 days to build a new habit. Take the time each day and work on a small and attainable goal. 

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2. Drink more water. 

Water is life, literally. Water releases bad toxins from your body and can suppress small cravings when you are not that hungry between meals. Always keep a handy-dandy water bottle around. 

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3. Make a work out schedule that works out for you. 

Whether you have time to work out 2 times a week or 6, schedule that time in and stick to your plan. If you’re new to working out, give yourself the motivation to try something new in fitness, whether that’s to join a class or start going to the gym. 

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4. Do a combination of cardio and weight training. 

I know it could be hard to start working out, especially when you have know idea what you are doing. There are many resources online to help you start your journey to better fitness. One amazing resource is Whitney Simmons from YouTube.

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5. Weight train a specific body part every time you work out. 

Weight lifting can seem a little intimidating, but I personally have noticed that it’s weight lifting that has made the biggest difference on my body. Isolate a specific area to work on every time you go to the gym, whether that’s legs or arms. Working out your chest can be very useful in making it appear that your boobs are bigger and working out your back could make is seem that you have a smaller waste. Remember, to do your research. 

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6. Balance is key. 

If you are just starting to make healthy eating choices, start off slow. Start with one healthy meal a day after your workout because that is when you need to build up your protein levels the most. Write a list of healthy food options you actually like eating and don’t force yourself to eat ones you don’t like. 

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7. Meal prep. 

Meal prepping is an easy way to stick to healthy eating choices, especially with a busy schedule. Find a time at the beginning of the week where you can prep healthy meals and snacks to avoid from buying unhealthy foods and spending money. 

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8. Get an adequate amount of sleep. 

I know sleeping an adequate amount sounds like something only in fantasies, but scheduling the right amount of sleep is important to your mental and physical health. Sleeping the right amount could give you energy to complete the tasks you need to do more efficiently. 

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9. Get an accountability buddy. 

Getting fit is hard to do by yourself. Find a buddy who would want to start the journey with you or just motivate you along the way. Keep yourself accountable for your progress.

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10. Don’t be too hard on yourself, progress happens slowly. 

Only compete against yourself. If you get off your schedule, it’s not too late, start again tomorrow. Progress is going to happen slowly. That’s why I say start now! Give yourself some time to progress and create healthy habits. 

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Julia Chan is a 3rd year Global Studies and Sociology undergraduate at UCSB. She is from the bay area, specifically South San Francisco. When she's not studying or writing for Her Campus, Julia likes to sing, dance Hula and Tahitian, and take walks in scenic areas. She loves all kinds of food, but her favorites would have to be sushi and Filipino food. 
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