Spongebob Characters Expressing Midterm Stress

Are you tired of cramming information in your brain? Are you tired of bubbling in answer after answer and writing essay after essay in those bluebooks? Are you at the point of trying to study that you are just praying that some god or goddess will suddenly reveal all the answers to the test to you somehow? I’m here to tell you it’s okay because you can definitely get through this. Not only do your peers here at UCSB understand how you feel, Spongebob and his friends also understand how you feel. Here’s a short little summary of possible stressful feelings you have had this midterms week! 

Realizing that you're going to have to take a bunch of exams soon 

Promising yourself you will study and have it all down somehow. 

Trying to use every second you're awake to study 

Coming out of the library after a 12 hour cram session 

Two words: stress eating 


The day before the midterm 

Not caring about how you look anymore because all you've been doing is studying 

That moment when you’re drowning in nervousness as the TAs pass out the exams 

Getting the midterm and realizing you don’t remember anything 

Realizing you can't answer the first question on the test

It's no big deal, it's only a small panic attack 

When all your friends are done with their midterms and you’re sleep deprived and stressed

I can’t do it 

Scribbling (in stress) everything you possibly remember to get as much credit as you can   

That moment when you finally finish your essay 

Knowing you could have done better after you took the test and asking yourself why you didn't start studying earlier 

Considering your options after the midterm 

But you realize that you still have finals so it's sort of okay?