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Looking For A Hot Pilates Hidden Gem? Try Burn Collective In Brentwood

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

Brentwood, an upscale town nestled in the heart of Los Angeles near UCLA, is renowned for its trendy coffee shops and quaint (yet pricey) boutiques, and now, also as a hotspot for fitness enthusiasts! Tucked away behind Alfred Coffee and JOE & THE JUICE on San Vicente Boulevard, this boutique fitness studio has been quietly gaining traction among locals seeking an exhilarating and rewarding workout experience.

At BURN COLLECTIVE, the focus is on Hot Pilates, a dynamic fusion of traditional Pilates movements and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) conducted in a heated room. The BURN Method, created by founder Maria Chase, is a comprehensive results-driven method that combines workout styles to target muscles that you didn’t even know existed. Led by experienced instructors, each BURN class is carefully crafted to challenge participants both mentally and physically, leaving them feeling empowered and invigorated (and dripping in sweat) at its end.

When I first stepped into the BURN studio, the atmosphere was everything. The second you walk downstairs from the lobby, you are immediately greeted by friendly faces and what instructors would call the “HOTBOX” c- an infrared heat fitness studio that utilizes LED red light. During the workout, the infrared heat and red light can provide members with auxiliary health benefits such as the promotion of cellular growth, improved circulation and detoxification, and enhanced muscular and cardiovascular health. The studio’s intimate setting creates a welcoming atmosphere, where members feel like part of a supportive community rather than just another face in the crowd.

Whether you’re a seasoned workout junkie or a newcomer looking to kickstart your wellness journey, BURN COLLECTIVE offers classes tailored to all fitness levels. From beginners to advanced practitioners, everyone is encouraged to push their limits and embrace the challenge. Their signature class, BURN45, is a 45 minute session of high intensity interval training (HIIT) that utilizes weights ranging from 1-10 lbs, resistance bands, sliders, and even just your own body weight (which will still have you burning, trust me). Fun, fast paced music is used throughout the class to keep you pushing through 20-45 second sets of physical exertion, efficiently sequenced for optimal muscular conditioning results. In addition to BURN45, BURN COLLECTIVE also offers a variety of other class types, such as ISOBURN (a rigorous low impact, high intensity workout combining targeted isometric sequences) and BURN COMBO (which ultimately mixes ISOBURN and BURN45 into one super sweat-filled session). They also offer classes that include additional hot HIIT or an extra long stretch session for those looking to bolster their flexibility or cardiovascular endurance.


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Being completely honest, the first time I tried BURN COLLECTIVE, I was a bit hesitant. Not only did I feel vulnerable trying something new in an unfamiliar atmosphere, but I also wasn’t very sure I would like the workout or even if the BURN experience would actually benefit me the way it was advertised. However, all of my doubts vanished when I found myself dripping in sweat under those red lights. There is just something so liberating about experiencing such an intense workout within a community setting. Not only does the HOTBOX atmosphere and BURN experience provide customers with physical health benefits, but it provides mental benefits as well. Even if it seems scary, I urge you to try BURN COLLECTIVE at least once in your life. Heated workouts in a group setting can be such a transformative experience, leaving you refreshed and ready to take on the day after such an intense physical release. However, being completely addicted to the endorphins that BURN COLLECTIVE gives me, I may be biased.

So, if you’re searching for a hidden gem in the world of fitness, look no further than BURN COLLECTIVE in Brentwood. With friendly and knowledgeable instructors, a welcoming community, and absolutely exhilarating workouts, it’s the ultimate destination for those who want to ignite their passion for heated Pilates and take their fitness journey to new heights.

Autumn Morgan is a third-year Film & Television major at UCLA who grew up in the San Fernando Valley. She thoroughly enjoys being overdressed and reading women’s divorce fiction. In her free time, you can find her laying by a river eating fruit.