I Tried Flat Tummy Protein Shakes For A Month And Here's What I Thought

Over the past few years, I have become really interested in working out and healthy eating. I had always thought about trying protein shakes or something to boost my energy before a workout because I do not like coffee or tea. Celebrities are always posting about their favorite new protein shakes or weight loss supplements, but I had never really bought into that stuff. However, a few months ago, I saw some of my friends raving about Flat Tummy Protein Shakes. The shakes have been endorsed by many celebrities, such as the Kardashians, and thus, I was pretty skeptical about it. On the Flat Tummy website, they offer various bundles, supplements, teas and protein shakes to choose from, but they can get pretty pricey.

I decided to try out the month-long Vanilla Protein Shake because I received a discount on the bundle and thought it could not hurt to try. My package arrived in the mail pretty promptly, which was nice. I also received a free towel and bottle along with my order! The instructions for the shakes say to drink one or two per day in replace of a meal. It seemed odd to me that the shake was less than 200 calories, meaning that even if you had two per day, you would not be receiving the right number of calories you are supposed to have in a day. Thus, I opted for one shake per day for breakfast, and I usually drank it right before going to the gym or to hot yoga class. The vanilla shake was surprisingly good and it did give me a lot of energy throughout the day! I tried to keep a healthy diet while taking the shakes for a month. I drank the shakes Monday through Friday and skipped the weekends since they only gave me 20 packets of the mix. I immediately started to notice that I felt less bloated after meals as well. I got in such a routine that once my four weeks were up, I kept wanting to have another shake! I ordered the strawberry flavor after but realized it was a mistake after tasting it. I would recommend the basic flavors of Flat Tummy Shakes, like chocolate or vanilla.

Overall, the Flat Tummy Protein Shakes worked for me. However, everybody's body is different, and just because these shakes worked for me does not mean that they would work for everyone else. Be careful about what you put into your body and do your research before you start investing into anything!