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Food Review: Go Greek Serves us a Taste of Greece in L.A.

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

In the ever-growing health-conscious market of Los Angeles, there always seems to be some new kind of “healthy food alternative” for sale in the supermarkets – oat milk, low calorie ice creams and many different tubs of Greek yogurt. In the midst of all these processed choices, Go Greek strives to offer us with fresh and healthy Greek yogurt imported from Greece.

Go Greek has three locations within the L.A. region – Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and Topanga. Upon arrival at a Go Greek store, you will feel as if you have just walked into a modernized rendition of Greece. The walls of the shops are decorated with the iconic blue Greek fences, the tiles of the yogurt bar are mosaicked and the tables have a beautiful, white marble top.

Go Greek offers you with three different yogurt options: classic sweet, classic savory and soft-serve (or “fro-yo”, as most people say). “Most customers come here and head straight to the soft-serve vending machine,” says Jonathan Williams, co-founder of Go Greek, “however, I personally believe that our classic Greek yogurt is the true gem of this place.”

As a Go Greek connoisseur myself, I have tried all three kinds of yogurts here and I can see why people would have varying preferences. Each of the yogurts offers a really different experience. The soft-serve is cold, sweet and flavorful. You can mix and match flavors however you may desire, and add on toppings. The soft-serve topping bar offers Americas favorites like granola, peanut butter chunks and chocolate drops, but also includes the classic Greek toppings like Greek olive biscuits, super seeds and fresh fruit.

For the classic yogurts, its texture is similar to the ones you would find in yogurt tubs sold in supermarkets. But at Go Greek, they are served from traditional terra-cota pots to cups, just how they are served in Greece. Being the healthier option, the classics are a tad less sweet than the soft-serves, but still very tasty and offered in 9 different flavors (plain, honey, hazelnut, coconut, etc.)! The toppings you would pair with the classics are simple and nutritious such as fruit and honey for the sweet classic, and olives, tomatoes and cucumbers for the savory classic.

If you are craving healthy dessert in LA, I would definitely recommend coming to Go Greek! Sweet tooths or savory tooths – this place caters to all. You know it’s true when celebrities like the Kardashians are regular customers. 




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