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Five Alternative Exercise Options To Keep Your Fitness Routine Fun

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

Look, I’m not usually one to get upset about social media trends, but after coming across the “Older Women Doing Anything But Working Out” jokes, I have to give my two cents. Providing individuals with alternatives to weightlifting or traditional cardio workouts is something that should be encouraged, not just within the fitness industry, but the general public as well. Yes, some alternative fitness styles may seem unusual, but that doesn’t mean that they should be stigmatized. Staying active, no matter how it is done, should always be encouraged, especially if you are working a full-time job or have children to raise. Not to mention, some of these workouts can be used to supplement traditional workout methods, helping you to become even stronger and more capable than you’d be solely weight training. Also, working out should be fun! Yes, that is not a typo. Exercise should not feel like a chore to you. In fact, getting to move your body, no matter how you do it, is a privilege and should be taken seriously. So, to honor my love for making exercising fun, here are five of my favorite fitness alternatives to keep you smiling through the sweat! 


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Dance cardio

Love to dance? Then this alternative fitness workout might be perfect for you! Whether you’re a professional dancer or you just wanna get your groove on, dance cardio can work wonders when it comes to keeping you active for long periods of time. The harmonious combination of hearing your favorite songs and trying to mimic your instructor’s choreography will surely keep your brain locked in on the present, allowing you to forget about your day or any worries you might have been brooding over.

barre fitness

Calling all ballerina babes! Described as a workout technique that combines elements of yoga, pilates, and ballet, barre is a low-impact workout that utilizes isometric holds and positions that are designed to improve flexibility and muscle endurance. If you like to dance but learning choreography on the spot isn’t your style, barre will work just as well! Much like in a traditional pilates class, you will most definitely be shaking by the end of it because those poses are seriously no joke. 


Why not channel your inner child and hop your way to your fitness goals? Yes, you heard that right. You can even jump on a trampoline to stay active. Surprisingly, trampolining is a deceptively draining full-body workout that will keep you (and your joints!) happy and healthy. While you could join a group fitness class for trampolining, you could also just head over to a nearby trampoline park with some friends or your significant other. Spending your Friday night jumping into a foam pit? That’s the type of date night I need in my life. 

aerial fitness

Whether you choose to explore hoop, pole, or silks (or maybe even all three), aerial fitness is a fantastic active hobby for you to pick up if you want to spice up your exercise routine. Not only does aerial fitness equip you with a supportive community of artists and instructors, but it will also equip you with rock-hard abs (I’m not kidding). These aerial mediums can help to increase your upper-body and lower-body strength, your flexibility, and even your muscle endurance. However, I feel that the most unique part of this artistic sport is the way in which it utilizes strength, flexibility, fluidity, and endurance all in the same workout (something you won’t be able to find just by lifting or running).


Wanna feel like a heavy-weight champ but not risk breaking anything or getting any bruises? Boxercise would be a great alternative! Usually taking place in a class setting, boxing is an interactive exercise technique that teaches individuals to throw hooks and punches to make you sweat. Not only will these different movement combinations have you mentally on your toes, but literally on your toes as well (keep up those fast feet!). Boxing can be a great exercise technique for those looking to gain strength, endurance, or even a little more confidence in their everyday life! 

In a world where fitness freaks are obsessed with only weightlifting and running, it’s refreshing to explore alternatives that cater to diverse interests and preferences. The recent wave of “Older Women Doing Anything But Working Out” jokes is totally restrictive, tone-deaf, and underscores the need to embrace the variety of ways people can stay active. Whether it’s through dance cardio or boxing, the message is clear: exercise should be enjoyable and accessible to all. These alternative workouts not only offer physical benefits but also can provide individuals with a sense of joy and community. So, what are you still reading for? Don’t let yourself miss out on a world of fun fitness. See you there!

Autumn Morgan is a third-year Film & Television major at UCLA who grew up in the San Fernando Valley. She thoroughly enjoys being overdressed and reading women’s divorce fiction. In her free time, you can find her laying by a river eating fruit.