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A Year of “Yes” and A Week of “No”

I can’t remember where I heard it, but I once heard someone talking about a “Year of ‘Yes’.” Basically the concept is being open to new things and just doing them. So that became one of my resolutions this year. I have found great happiness and new interests by doing this, and it has been so cool to discover things I’ve never done, or never thought about doing. I wanted to learn guitar; I asked a friend to teach me. Friends ask me to go on an adventure; I go. I apply to and get offered a spot for Her Campus UCF; this is my sixth article. “Yes” is a good answer.

Most of the time. Until it interferes with your sanity. Until it means you are so busy that the things you say “yes” to aren’t even enjoyable because you’re so stressed out about everything you have to do: even the things that are supposed to be fun.

Sometimes, in a “Year of ‘Yes’,” you need a “Week of ‘No’.” In the midst of all the things I have found a new love for and trying to balance a social life and a school life and a work life- I got lost. I got anxious. I got exhausted. Last week, I decided that it was time to say “no.”

Of course, I still say “yes” to new experiences and cool opportunities, but I also have tried saying “no.” I basically forced myself to at first, but it got easier, and I started feeling better. It’s totally OK to not do everything. Our culture glorifies the “People Person,” the “Do-er,” the “Partier,” the “Goes-to-sleep-at-3-a.m. Person.” But that is not attainable. That is not healthy. Sure, it’s definitely fun, but it’s not a sustainable lifestyle.


In high school, I was very much an introvert. Now, in college, I am, by some miracle, more of an extrovert. I really enjoy being around people and trying new things. The thing I miss about being more introverted, though, is my desire for alone time. It’s very therapeutic and healthy to spend time with yourself, to do things you enjoy, to frickin’ relax, man. I missed being with myself, so I had to make some changes.

So that was my goal this week: saying some “no’s,” so that I could say “yes” to me.


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Mady is a advertising-public relations/psychology major at the University of Central Florida. She spends her time at the Catholic Campus Ministry at UCF, listening to music, and writing. Mady is from Melbourne, Florida, and enjoys the beach, soccer, and watercolor painting. She is a new writer for Her Campus, as well as a member of the student chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association, Quotes. She has a passion for writing, mental health, as well as for art and music, and she is seeking a job in which she can combine all of these.
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