I Never Thought I Would Do CrossFit, but Here I Am

I first got into weightlifting my junior year of high school. I was in between sports and needed a physical activity to keep me sane. I did not get serious about weightlifting until about 2 years ago. Since then I have become known as a “gym junkie." I spend most of my free time in the gym, buy copious amounts of protein powder, and even purchased my own set of barbells and plates for home. Going a day without lifting *kills* a small piece of me inside. When I moved back to Davis this year without access to the ARC, I scrambled to find a replacement. The only weightlifting places open were CrossFit gyms so I signed up thinking I would quit as soon as the ARC opened back up. 3.5 months later I am still there, but only because I have become addicted. 

woman weightlifting in gym Photo by John Arano from Unsplash CrossFit is a type of high interval training that combines both strength and conditioning with a lot of functional lifting movements. I have always been turned off CrossFit because I am not a huge cardio person. Stick me in front of weights and I am happy. So, I showed up on day one anyway, and it was awful. I was DEAD after the workout, but in a seriously good way. Now that I have been going for 3.5 months, I realize that is how every workout is. I am in the best physical health I have ever been in, lifting more, running more, but each day is still harder than the last. You feel terrible doing the workout, but afterward, you feel so accomplished. 

Sometimes I start to miss a regular gym, with no group classes, freedom to go the pace you want, the ability to breathe through a whole workout, but in all honesty, I do not really want those things. I have become addicted to the way CrossFit whips you into shape whether you are ready for it or not. The workouts are so fast-paced, I feel way more exhausted in the short CrossFit workouts than I ever did in a 2-hour long gym session.  The thought of returning to a normal gym and just lifting weights sounds incredibly boring. Even during open lifting hours at my CrossFit gym, I still find myself doing a WOD (workout of the day). 

Pexels/The Lazy Artist Gallery Not to be one of those people that only talk about CrossFit, but I only ever want to talk about CrossFit. You beat personal records every week, become close with a small group of people, and have something to both dread and look forward to every day. I think it is safe to say I am hooked.