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Spring is here, summer is on its way, and it is the perfect time to take extra care of our skin and prep for that desired summer glow. Healthy and glowing skin starts from within through exercise and a healthy diet, and there are also multiple things that you can do for your skin topically to keep it looking gorgeous. With skincare, consistency is key so implementing healthy habits into your daily routine is the best way to reach your skin goals. These are the things that I do every single day to maintain my soft, healthy, and glowing skin.

1. Kickstart your metabolism 

As I mentioned, healthy skin starts from within and your metabolism plays a huge role in the condition of your skin. Starting your day, every day, with a glass of warm lemon water will help kickstart your metabolism and remove toxins from your body. Lemon water in the morning will clean out your digestive system and will help to rehydrate the body from your long night of sleep. The vitamin C in the lemon also aids healthy skin by serving as a part of collagen production, which is essential for smooth and glowy skin, and the lemon also provides antioxidants to fight free radicals! 

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2. Get your blood flowing.

Exercise is a great way to get the blood flowing through your body and your skin. Your skin requires oxygen and nutrients that are carried through your body by your blood. Healthy blood flow also carries away waste products and free radicals in the skin. That “after workout glow” is real, so get moving!

3. Dry brush your body

Dry brushing your body is a great way to stimulate your lymphatic system and drain waste to smooth the skin. Dry brushing is also excellent for exfoliation by sweeping away dry patches of skin, and can even smooth cellulite. Use a soft dry brush, especially if you have sensitive skin, and brush the skin on your feet, legs, arms, hands, stomach, and chest upwards and towards your heart. After you dry brush your skin, shower or bathe as you normally would. You will notice smoother, healthier looking skin after implementing dry brushing into your daily routine.

4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Your skin is around 65% water, which means that you need to be hydrating your body all throughout the day. I’m sure you’ve heard this way too much, but drink lots of water! Most people (including myself) are not consuming enough water every day, but water is a necessary nutrient for healthy, glowy skin. In my opinion, there is no specific number of ounces or glasses of water you should be drinking each day, but you should make sure that you are not allowing yourself to get dehydrated and drink multiple glasses throughout your day. Fill up a large water bottle or fill up your favorite glass many times, and drink that water! Your skin will thank you.

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5. Moisturize the skin.

Applying lotion is not only good for your skin, but can be a very therapeutic daily habit. Think of it as a massage every time you apply lotion to your body, and rub the lotion into your skin all over your body. Pick a high-quality lotion that is suitable for your skin type, and massage it into your skin after you shower, especially if you dry brushed before your shower or exfoliated your skin in the shower. You should also make sure to choose a non-comedogenic moisturizer for your face, and a high-quality lip balm that works for your lips.

Implementing these daily habits into your everyday routine will help you to achieve that summer glow that you are working for. Your skin will become healthier and will appear glowy when you take care of your body inside and out. Caring for your body every day is essential to getting your desired skin, and these daily habits will make your skin healthier and happier. Let’s get glowing!

Hannah is studying Communications and Professional Writing at UC Davis. She is eager to share her experiences and lifestyle tips and tricks to motivate and inspire her peers to lead a healthy, balanced life! In her free time, Hannah enjoys playing with her dog, singing, and grabbing bubble tea with friends!
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