The Best Healthy, Filling, and Tasty Snacks

Hi, my name is Hannah and I am a binge snacker.

As fellow snackers know, we cannot be trusted with chips or sugary cereals because we have a permanent case of the munchies. Unfortunately, these kinds of snacks are not a collegiette's best friend, and are mostly responsible for the ten pounds I gained freshman year. Not all tastey snacks are unhealthy. These fifteen snacks even helped me lose some of the weight I gained.

1. Frozen grapes

2. Edamame beans

3. Cucumber wrapped with turkey

4. Hard boiled egg whites

5. Organic lowfat string cheese

6. Kale chips: Cover fresh kale with salt or olive oil. Leave in the oven until crisp.

7. Water-based smoothies: Just put water and your favorite fruits in a blender.

8. Carrots and hummus

9. Paul Newman's plain organic microwave popcorn

10. Pirate's Booty: According to People magazine, Suri Cruise is always munching on this organic and gluten-free snack. 

11. Avocado with salt and olive oil

12. Nonfat Greek yogurt with raspberries and granola

13. Kind bars

14. Almond butter on multigrain bread

15. Almond butter on celery