Apps That Help Me with Anxiety

Smartphones have made a lot of things readily available, from calculators and alarm clocks to games and cameras. But I’ve really begun to appreciate mental health-related apps, whether that be resources or apps that calm me down. While techniques like journaling have been very helpful for me, having access to mental health resources at my fingertips has been really beneficial. These are a few that I’ve found especially helpful for coping with anxiety.

Meditation Studio

This has been one of my favorite meditation apps because it splits up the guided meditations into various collections—ranging from stress and sleep to anxiety and happiness—and into specific courses that cover the basics of meditation, changing habits, and other useful practices. It also has an option for unguided meditation, where you can choose a time frame and music or background sound with a specific ambiance. I’ve been starting and/or ending my day with meditation related to anxiety and happiness for several months, and it helps to set a positive tone for the rest of my day or helps me fall asleep when I have too much on my mind.


This app does not directly relate to mental health, but I find coloring in various pictures to be incredibly calming, and it often distracts me from whatever I’m feeling. The pieces you can choose range from simple to intricate, and you can also import your own drawings or pictures to color.


After creating an account with the app, it provides you with exercises and games on specific tracks to help increase positive emotions. The tracks are designed to aid in aspects of the user’s life, like reducing worry or building relationships. The app updates you on your progress so you can monitor your improvement. I’ve been on the “Conquer Your Negative Thoughts” track, and it unlocks three to four activities per day to help increase my positive emotions.

Although these have been helpful for me, they may not be as useful for everyone. The app store has a lot of great options for mental health-related apps, so if you have time to download and try a couple out, I hope you find the one that works best for you.