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7 Apps to Help You Through Finals

If you’re asking yourself how we’ve made it to the end of the quarter already, you’re probably echoing the thoughts of every undergraduate in the quarter system (#quartersystemlife).We’ve gathered seven stellar study apps that will definitely keep you on your toes and on top of your game as you prepare for finals.

1.     Evernote        



Evernote is a game changer. From interactive checklists to creating separate notebooks for various subjects, this app lets you do it all. You can even import documents from your computer to your phone, and vice versa. You can also separate your academic to-do lists from your personal to-do lists. This app has a clean, easy-to-use layout to keep you organized, even when you’re on the go.

2.      Google Drive

 Google Drive isn’t anything new or innovative, but let’s not forget how useful it is, okay?  If you have to write a term paper, Google Drive makes it easy to for you and your peers to revise your work. This app also lets you access word documents while you’re on the go.

3.     Todoist

It seems like the last few weeks of the quarter are always jam-packed with meetings, essay-writing, and studying. Todoist is a great way to manage tasks and make schedules! It is also accessible on every platform imaginable! (We’re not joking. EVERY platform imaginable).

4.     StayFocusd

The internet can be very distracting, especially since it is so accessible. StayFocusd allows you to block websites like Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram so that you can use your study time wisely. Don’t worry, you cannot create a time limit.

5.     Quizlet

Are you tired of writing note card after note card? Quizlet has got you covered! Just import key terms and definitions, and Quizlet will transform them into quizzes! You can even review the questions you missed.

6.     StudyBlue

StudyBlue is another app that lets you create flashcards, but is a bit more mobile-friendly than Quizlet. The most innovative feature of this app is its ability to import your Evernote lecture and reading notes  into flashcards! Wow, the future really is here.

7.     Exam Countdown

The Exam Countdown app is simple and easy to use. It shows you the exact number of days  before your next exam. While it may seem simple to keep track of exams through a planner or virtual to-do list, knowing the exact number of days will allow you to plan your schedule accordingly and prioritize effectively.

Tell us about your favorite apps on Facebook and Twitter! Feel free to recommend any helpful study apps that we haven’t mentioned! Also, don’t forget to use the hashtag #studygamestrong when you share your tips. Best of luck on finals, Aggies!

Varsha is currently a senior at UC Davis double majoring in Communication and Sociology. A Bay Area native, she relishes any opportunity to visit the beach and explore cities big and small. As an avid reader and writer, she hopes to utilize her passion for storytelling through a future career in PR. She is a self-proclaimed foodie and always enjoys a good cup of coffee. You can find her writing poems on the quad, reporting stories for AggieTV and daydreaming in the Arboretum, figuring out life as a 22 year old. 
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