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Helpful Affirmations to Remind Yourself Of

I have come to firmly believe that your heart follows your mouth. Whatever you speak out into existence is what you will find before you. If you sit around complaining all day, you will see all the worst parts of your life. But if you take a step up and speak or write about what you are grateful for in your life, you will start to see more of the best parts in your life. Our brains are wired to confirm what we focus on the most so why not use that to our advantage? Try out some of my favorite affirmations I’ve found and see what makes you feel the best every day: 



1. I take care of my own needs.


I feel like this is a super important lesson to be learning right now, especially in quarantine. This saying gives you a feel of self-love, self-confidence, and independence. Taking care of your own needs means first being self-aware in knowing what your mind or body needs and then being proactive to satisfy that need for yourself. Most of the time when we feel like we are lacking something, it is because we are depending on other people to give it to us. Like if you feel lonely, spend some quality time with yourself and see how you can fulfill your own want for connection. Learn to count on yourself first before anyone else. 


2. All I have is this moment. 


This affirmation is probably one of the hardest ones for me to remind myself of. But, as people always say, anxieties are caused from trying to predict the future or overthinking the past. It can be scary at first to tell yourself that the only thing existing right now is this very moment, but it can also be really comforting and really freeing. It is definitely a privilege to be able to let your worries go so whenever you can, make sure to do it. The present is a literal gift for you to do anything with. Don’t waste any moment in front of you because you insist on looking ahead or looking behind. Appreciate the now. 


3. I choose my happiness.


The more I grow up, the more I start to understand this affirmation. Happiness is not something to chase or something to hope for. It comes from being grateful for what you already have and enjoying it. You can be happy anytime you want! A lot of the time when I was in high school, I would always wait for things to make me happy like finally going out with friends or having a good meal or being done with my homework that took all day. But you don’t have to wait for it or have things to justify your happiness. Be happy for no reason. Or be happy for even the smallest reasons. Be happy that you have a day and all the choices to make within it. You are in charge of your happiness and you can create it whenever you want. 


4. People do not cause my feelings, my thoughts do. 

Another hard one, but a good one. The only person you have control of is yourself. Anyone else will do or say anything they want or react how they want no matter what. Because of this, you can’t let anyone else’s presence control yours. If someone says something mean, ignore them. Sure you can try and fight back, but don’t fight back for the sake of fighting or sulk in sadness replaying what they said after. What people say and do is a reflection of them and their personality more than yours. Don’t make or take anything personal because it usually isn’t or it was said from a bad mindset. You don’t have to sink to their level or bring yourself down. If someone lets you down, consider what they possibly have going on in their life or consider whether they shouldn’t be an important part of your life anymore. Either way, it is a choice for you to think through but not emotionally delve yourself into. Don’t let people control your emotions for you. Think through them and decide for yourself. 


5. There is not a room I walk into that I don’t belong. 


I recently stumbled across this happy little reminder while looking for new affirmations to use and I’m glad I did. It is so short and sweet but does a wonder for your self-confidence. Personally, I struggle with thinking about whether I really belong anywhere so as soon as I get into a room of people I am overwhelmed and try to make myself as small as possible. But that isn’t a way to live or be happy. This affirmation is meant to remind you that you are welcome anywhere, you deserve to be where you are, and you are allowed to be completely, unapologetically yourself. Why shrink yourself down or pretend to be a watered down version of yourself? Walk into a room with confidence (even if you’re faking it) and let yourself be known! 

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6. My energy is currency and I choose what to invest it in. 


Anything you do physically or mentally requires some sort of energy. Each choice you make during a day is a choice to spend that day’s energy on something. Get in the habit of spending your energy on things that will give you energy back. And I don’t mean all coffee or protein shakes. I mean good energy in general. If you miss a good friend, give them a call and see what energy you gain from that. But also if you keep going back to a toxic friend, think about what energy those interactions are taking away from you. Don’t spread yourself thin giving energy to things that will not help to re-energize you or else you will just feel drained. 


7. The only way to be happy is to risk being open.


Reading this reminder on a random post somewhere felt almost like a smack in the face the other day. But a much needed one. Most of us spend a lot of our time wishing to be understood or heard or helped without going out of our way to get those things. People are not mind readers and as much as you want to, they will not be able to know or predict what you need all of the time. You have to be open with how you are feeling and what you are thinking. Be honest with people and you will get a lot more from that. Even more so, share your true self with people. How are they going to trust you or get to like you if they don’t know the real you yet? Being the most honest version of yourself will help you attract the people and things most aligned to you.

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8. I am in the process of becoming my best self.


At the end of the day, this last affirmation is one of the most important and overarching ones. No matter what, try to be able to tell yourself this and know it is true each day. Despite mistakes or failures, you are always working to become your best self and that is something to be proud of. When you work toward that, every mess up becomes a lesson to teach you another way to grow. Appreciate the lessons and the hard work you put in to take them. 


Thinking positively will always help your mind and body to feel more positive. Hopefully these eight affirmations spoke to you or provided a little more insight into what you should remind yourself everyday. If you want even more specific ones, check these out too. Take advantage of every moment to be more in tune with yourself and you won’t regret it!


Shanelle Huynh

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I am a fourth-year creative writing major, business minor at UCR learning to define my own way of living as a "writer" and sharing what I find out on my journey along the way.
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