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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Irvine chapter.

When choosing fitness clothes, no one should have to decide between style and manageability.  A variety of workout clothing choices exist to help people comfortably move and look good doing it, too.  Major apparel brands now market their sporty looks to show more color and design in their flexible and form-fitting material.  The demands of tough workouts have also altered fitness clothes for a more breathable and looser quality, making exhausting situations bearable.  While regular t-shirts and shorts serve as convenient options, gym-enthusiasts and athletes search for outfits that allow them the most comfort and durability without sacrificing fashion from head to toe. 


A spectrum of speed

Lightweight and eye-catching, these running shoes come in a wide range of colors and are easy to break in.  Their style and comfort are perfect for not only for working out, but also walking to class and shopping.    


Bending never felt so snug

Its soft and stretchy fabric and ability to handle perspiration make exercise indoors and outdoors in any weather tolerable.  Fitting to the body’s shape, tights allow as much freedom to move as shorts do and complement any workout top and shoes.   


Classic shorts

Without looking like gym class uniforms, shorts can also add style and ease of movement in an outfit.  Like shoes or tops, they can be picked from many colors and fabrics for the fashion-conscious athlete. 


Lose the sweat in loose tanks

Loose-fitting tanks help the body breath during intense training.  Buy tops in stores or get creative like this collegiette and cut up a t-shirt for a sporting advantage.


In warmth and in style

Stay warm before, during, and after workouts with windbreakers and sports jackets in a multitude of designs, colors, and material. 

Celina is a third year economics major at UC Irvine.  Her interests include playing sports, reading the news and books, and trying new food.  Besides being a writer for Her Campus, Celina is also a member of Active Minds, a mental health awareness club, and the karate club at UCI and is a site supervisor for an outreach program for high school freshmen.